You never regret the changes of the sunset


We have been traveling full-time for three years now. One of the things we enjoy a lot is the sunsets. We go out to see sunsets, and actually also moonrise and take the moments to enjoy the changes in color, mood, temperature, sounds, vibration. The sunset is about change, and it is the end of a day. In the moment of the sunset, we like to sing, and we feel the gratitude deeply: We know the sun will rise again tomorrow, and we will most likely get one more day to enjoy, learn, love, and explore.

Traveling full time includes leaving wonderful places and saying goodbye a lot. There is no way around it unless we want to be tourists all the time and never really connect to anyone or anywhere. This is not our style. We enjoy the amazing adventure of the people we meet, and we like to stay long enough to feel connected to the places we visit.

And every time we are about to leave, I get this feeling: would it be better to stay a little longer, is it too hard to say goodbye? The last days before we leave it can distort my presence, with a kind of sadness: This is wonderful, and now we are about to leave.

Then my son said this and fixed it for me: “Mom, you never regret the changes of the sunset. You enjoy the sunset. But you don’t want it to be the same all the time. Then it would not be a sunset, would it?”

Wise child of mine.

May the sun shine on you


Cecilie Conrad

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