Have you ever attended a flip-flop long kick contest?

Flip Flop Long Kick contest in Romagny, France

Wait … what. A flip-flop long kick contest?

It sounds weird but is super fun.

We are in Normandie, France, visiting our fellow world schooling friends whom we met at the world school meetup 3,5 years ago in Granada. This winter, we met up in Portugal, and then they later visited us at the animal sanctuary, where our bus is parked. Now we drove from Spain to the north of France to visit them. And we are having a blast; the kids are constantly talking, cubing, playing games, and having fun, and we are also ourselves engaged in a non-stop conversation about life, the world, everything - and flip flops.

Yes, let us get back to the flip-flops. Our friends live in Romagny, a little small French town. And while we visited there was a town square party. The local school band played - and they were actually good and mixed in some old cure songs. There were crepes, wine, chips, and Moules-Frites.

And then there was the flip-flop long kick contest. The contest is basically - who can kick a flip-flop the longest. There were more than 100 who entered - and we saw a stunning record of 34 meters.

Fjord and I also entered the contest, but we decided to remove ourselves from the competition with 50 people ahead of us waiting in line and the clock ticking close to midnight.

We will come back, and I will practice. 34 meters sounds beatable.

But It takes some skills; you cannot use a shoe; it needs to be a flip-flop. It was a stupid contest - no doubt - but it was so filled with love and laughter, and it brought the city together over the idea of just having fun together.

Loving it.

I hope you will kick off your flip-flops and see if you can beat 34 meters :)

Go make a wonder-filled day :) 


Jesper Conrad

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