Embracing the Unconventional: The Power of Big Dreams and Real Connections | Day 241 of my 2023 Journal


Do you have REALLY big dreams?

Here is one of our stories, one in many, about people who find us completely bonkers and like us anyway.

That is when we know they are what our family calls “real people.” We like those people doing their own thing, the thing they are good at but can not stop themselves from doing.

We see how life flows from that easily.

Now, we visited Garry the Guy in Normandie, too short, really - I would have loved to stay long enough to become tired of the conversation, but for now, it will have to do.

Read about how to go all in on life in my blog post I wrote when we first met Garry just over a year ago.

Chateau Jasmine and how to handle big dreams

And tell me now, what dreams might scare you?

Maybe I could help?

With love


Cecilie Conrad

Thank you for reading
I would love to hear from you. Listen to your thoughts and reflections - or praise :) It is often emotional to share our life like this, and we get very happy when we get your feedback. So feel free to share a comment below 😋 

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