Camino Frances: Day 2 - Peaks, Rain, Barefoot Walking, and Thunderous Skies | Day 251 of my 2023 Journal


Camino Frances. Day 2.

Crossed a Mountain.

A lot of up. Then, the bumpy top with several peaks. Met some unforeseen rain and got wet. Survived getting wet.

Left all of our sins plus a stone at the iron cross at the highest peak of the Camino.


Jesper had to walk barefoot for 10k because of a blister.

Barefoot is good. Blister is not.

Lost a piece of jewelry. Worked through that.

Beautiful lunch, Camino style. Lentil soup and salad.

Extreme decent last 4k. I was grateful for my poles.

Arrived very tired at a beautiful mountain village halfway down.

Amazing sunset, even more overwhelming thunder in the surrounding clouds.

The ONE restaurant in town had extremely rude personnel and even worse food.

Thunder clouds kept on being beautiful, and the night was dark and (besides that) silent.

With love


Cecilie Conrad

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