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Self Directed # 7 | Juliet Silveira

Juliet Silveira is a consultant in parenting, education, and organizational culture, and she holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master's in Education Research. We stumbled over Juliet's work on Instagram, where she is active as JulietLearns.

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Self Directed # 6 | Peter Gray

Dr. Peter Gray is a highly regarded researcher, psychologist, and advocate for the unschooling movement. He is best known for his book "Free to Learn," which explores the benefits of self-directed learning and the drawbacks of traditional schooling.

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Self Directed # 5 | Black Dad

Jae worked as a middle school history teacher for six years but resigned in June 2021. He felt unable to improve the flawed American education system from within and decided to unschool his children at home. Jae has documented his unschooling journey on the BlackDad YouTube channel, providing valuable insights and tips for parents considering unschooling or relaxed homeschooling.

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Self Directed # 4 | Lainie Liberti

Lainie is a former teacher who left the traditional classroom to pursue a more unconventional path. She and her son Miro embarked on a journey to explore the world and learn about different cultures and ways of life. This journey has become the foundation for Lainie’s work in sustainable living and travel.

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Self Directed # 3 | Jeremy Lent

Jeremy Lent is a writer, speaker, and thought leader who explores the deep cultural and psychological roots of our global systemic crises. He is the founder and president of the nonprofit Liology Institute, which promotes a worldview that integrates scientific understanding with indigenous wisdom and spiritual insight. In addition, he has co-created the Deep Transformation Network, a community of thought leaders and change-makers committed to creating a more sustainable and regenerative future.

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Self Directed # 2 | Erika Davis-Pitre

Erika is one of those people you cannot help to fall in love with. Her smile and presence make you want to listen to her - and if you can make her laugh - it feels a little like when the sun shines. After a talk with Erika, you feel stronger and more clear on why you do what you do - Erika is one of the people who have taught us most about what it means to be an unschool-parent and what the benefits are for the parents.

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Self Directed # 1 | Amrit Sandhu

Searching for a deeper meaning than just working 9-5 and having a “normal weekend,” Amrit started to host talks in his living room, inviting people to talk on subjects of personal development. The talks grew in popularity, and Amrit started the podcast 'Inspired Evolution'. Now more than 200 episodes later, Amrit is a world-renowned speaker, and coach, and his podcast features interviews with the world’s greatest thinkers, minds, hearts, and spiritual leaders dedicated to self-improvement and pe…

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