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I used to be a feminist

We need to find a new kind of life, a better balance for everyone. I believe in personal freedom for everyone. And in true and humble respect for the dignity in everyone. By everyone.

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Risk taking with a purpose

I am reading this book and I just love it, Antifragile. It is a perfect concept. This is how we are strong: Risktakers, awake and alive, ready for mistakes and trouble, ready to learn and grow, ready for what we could not even have thought about.

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Are we homeless?

Technically we are homeless – But the abundance of freedom, the beautiful sunshine, the adventures, and the peace is amazing.

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Be my valentine

We believe it was no coincidence, we saw the red bus for the first time on Valentine’s day. The red bus has everything to do with love.

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Do we live the dreamlife?

We have the freedom and the means to go where we want to go; we earn enough to live the life we want, we do the education at home; no one is attached full time anywhere.

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So what to do with all the freedom?

Our Weekly Art & Nature Challenge! One of the big wins of the unschooling, full-time traveling & digital nomad lifestyle is time. Time to be together. Time to enjoy life together. Time to explore. Time to … Yeah, what exactly?

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It is not just a question of education, it is a question of being. In this life. In an alternative way. With the home base on the planet, eternally changing location, yet staying with ourselves.

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Getting things done

Why do tasks and projects and stuff keep accumulating in our life? Why was this not fixed by moving into a bus and set out to travel the world?

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Appearance matters

How do we attend to our appearance without becoming superficial and/or shallow? Can we hold on to our inner truth, yet concern ourselves with outer appearance?

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Do you still co-sleep?

Bedtime with children is sometimes described as a science, it can be a huge fuzz – and sleeping in one big pile is to some people a wild idea. Others embrace it, but believe it can only function with toddlers. But do we really need individual beds, how does reality look from a tiny house with big children?

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Unschooling and responsibility

The question of parental responsibility in the context of the unschooling philosophy is quite complicated. To find the solution, we need to begin with core values. If we are just afraid of “ruling,” we, the adults, become unclear and vague, which will ruin the joy of life. And the unschooling as well.

A theme of reflection in our family at the moment is responsibility. What is my responsibility, and how can I meet it? We think about this a lot, about morals, ethics, and focus.

In the context o…

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Trusting the path

Walking with faith, listening to the ways of God, the ways of the Universe, believing the miracles, and embracing even the complications. We learn every day to trust the process, and sometimes it all becomes very clear.

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