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Deschooling and free play

Free play is precious, it is obvious – but how and why did we, the adults lose it? And in what way do we know it, when we find it again? A peek into our lives and reflections on the subject.

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Slow-living - an uncut diamond

Recently we discovered Slow-living - we learned to create a space for slow-living in your life follows in the wake of minimalism, together with a sharper clarification of values and liberation. Read how we made space for Slow Living and what it does for us.

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Can boys have long hair?

I was about to tell Storm that ‘Boys don’t have long hair.’ Most probably because he was simply so super-nice with that messy blonde hair that was cut short in the neck. Fortunately, I stopped myself.

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Siblings without jealousy

Sibling jealousy is rarely about the relationship between siblings. It is about the child experiencing that it is not seen by the mother and/or father.

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