365 Challenge


Århus | Day 182 of my 2023 Journal

In the second largest city in Denmark, Århus lives one of my father's little brothers. The one I have the closest relationship to. We went to a nearby beach for the night, so we would be ready to spend the day with him.

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Productive | Day 180 of my 2023 Journal

I am not sure I like being productive and working to achieve my goals. I am not sure I like my top 3 from the daily to-do list, my set intentions, and my boxing of time. It seems like a loss of a lot of freedom.

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Nomad daily life | Day 179 of my 2023 Journal

I sit with the pain. I feel it. I feel the deep love and allow the pain to be. It is all okay. The root is love. And love is the meaning of everything. So, we are good. Secondly, I remind myself no plans are so set they can not be changed, hence our house rule of writing our plans with a pencil.

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Writing a book | Day 178 of my 2023 Journal

I have been wanting to write a book for a while now. Sometimes life throws something at you. At the right time, and the right place, in the right context, and with the right vibe. Read about the start of my book project here!

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Do not be afraid - My Aunt Else | Day 177 of my 2023 Journal

Else is 99 years. She approached me at my Grandads funeral some ten years ago, and told me who she was - she is the younger sister of my late granddad younger sister, I had never met her before - she said she would love to be a great-grandmother to my children and happy to get to know my family.

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Garden Party | Day 174 of my 2023 Journal

When we came back from Sweden, we said goodbye to our oldest and delivered her back to her boyfriend and her home in Copenhagen. Then we drove to my sister's house, equally in Copenhagen. Hugged the nieces and cooked some food. We were tired, and the following day I crashed.

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Leaving Sweden | Day 173 of my 2023 Journal

The summer nights are fantastic here, and with even one more sentimental emotion, we stick to our plan of leaving Scandinavia in high summer to get to visit other countries in the North. 

 Somehow we can not be everywhere at the same time.

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Learning to the highest potential | Day 172 of my 2023 Journal

But worse, much worse, is to impose this ambition on OTHERS, Adults want to set the scene for their (or others’) children to learn to their highest potential. Let's NOT do that. Let’s just be. Let be. Choose to be. And what to be. Remember, the “highest potential” of this life is to live it.

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Summer Solstice | Day 171 of my 2023 Journal

One of the reasons we chose to become nomadic was my winter depression, and one clear sign for us was when I started worrying at Summer Solstice. On the shortest night, I would know how the rhythm was turning, how the darkness was coming, and it would ruin everything for me.

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Life of Pi | Day 170 of my 2023 Journal

Creating a better story is a way to survive a challenging situation emotionally. The question is: Do we always do that? And is the so-called reality of the challenging situation more True than how we choose to see it? What is the difference between the narrative as a coping mechanism and deep understanding?

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Mothering | Day 167 of my 2023 Journal

One thing I do not understand about modern parents. It seems they can’t get away from their children fast enough; it seems all they talk about is how annoying, misbehaved, noisy, and messy the kids are. They (the adults) whine about the chores that accompany parenthood and the losses of time, money, silence, and freedom - and I don’t get it.

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Silent time | Day 166 of my 2023 Journal

It is some form of rebellion to stop and be silent and do simple slow stuff of no obvious value. To the world, it seems we always have to be productive and efficient, so not doing so and being openly and on purpose silent and slow is my simple pushing back.

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live learn love

Live Learn Love | Day 164 of my 2023 Journal

Thriving is a complex one. Human nature, our flaws, and vulnerabilities will emerge in any context where we unfold, hence also in this reign. We can learn a lot from studying the seven deadly sins and looking for temptation in our own lives.

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The value of home-making

The value of home-making | Day 163 of my 2023 Journal

I am very much a homemaker. This is interesting, as at the same time, I am a true nomad. I find it intriguing how I can at the one hand love to move around so frequently and at the same time enjoy the home-making processes of setting a space for social life, and establishing a kitchen with fermentation and sprouting.

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