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Embracing the Unconventional: The Power of Big Dreams and Real Connections | Day 241 of my 2023 Journal

Meet the 'real people' who inspire us on our journey—those who find us 'completely bonkers' and like us anyway. Dive into our visit with Garry the Guy in Normandie and explore the concept of going all-in on life. Are your dreams so big they scare you? Discover how embracing the unconventional can lead to a fulfilling life and how we might help you achieve your grandest dreams.

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Mastering the Art of Resilience: How to Bounce Back from Low-Vibe Situations During Travel and Life | Day 240 of my 2023 Journal

Learn the essential life skill of turning a challenging situation into a beautiful experience. From waking up at a construction site to unexpected expenses, discover how a shift in perspective can transform your day. Explore practical tips on how to practice resilience, make the most of new options, and find joy in the journey, no matter the obstacles.

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Day 2 at All About Dogs Festival: From Competitions to Camping, A Tale of Canine Adventures Near Norwich | Day 240 of my 2023 Journal

Experience the second day of the All About Dogs festival through the eyes of two families united by friendship and a love for dogs. From joining quirky competitions to finding peace amidst the chaos, discover how this festival offers something for everyone—even those not obsessed with dogs. Read on for the highs, the lows, and the unexpected joys of this canine-centric event.

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petting pigs

The Power of Kindness vs. Rudeness: A Tale of Two Campsites During Our Homeschooling Adventure | Day 238 of my 2023 Journal

Explore the contrasting experiences of staying at two different campsites during a homeschooling event. One campsite exudes a negative vibe with rude signs and an unwelcoming atmosphere, while the other offers a haven of kindness, warmth, and community. Discover how the tone set by the owners can make or break your stay, and why kindness always wins.

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English canals and the barges | Day 236 of my 2023 Journal

I associate canals with the Netherlands and maybe Belgium, so it was a lovely add-on to our English experience to see the boats. Some pretty, some very home-made, some full-time homes, some more shop than a boat. It was great. It truly was. Slow and great. Love and light

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Emergency vet appointment | Day 234 of my 2023 Journal

Our oldest dog, Yuna, does not like wasps and bites out after them when they circle her head. This time, Yuna got one of them bastards, and while biting it, it bit back and stung her on the tongue. Damn. There is no way to know if this is dangerous. The tongue could swell so much that the dog might have trouble breathing, so we drove off to the nearest vet.

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Teenagers | Day 233 of my 2023 Journal

Explore the benefits of unschooling for teens. A parent shares insights on building confidence and respect through self-directed education. Learn how a nurturing approach can positively impact adolescence and create a culture of well-being and trust.

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The Coffee Conversations | Day 232 of my 2023 Journal

How lovely at a festival to have a nice coffee guy on site, serving the perfect espresso-based drink for less than three pounds. What a luxury to sit with a friend in the sun with my morning coffee, talking about everything and then nothing and then everything again.

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Not back to school | Day 231 of my 2023 Journal

Kids don't want to be in school. Yet the adults in this society who, on the one hand, all recognize the fact most kids don’t want to be in the schools still believe they need to manipulate their children and tell them how great it is, how it is going to be so much fun, bribing them with new backpacks and pencils with glitter, new outfits, and more stuff.

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Worldschooling | Day 230 of my 2023 Journal

What is it anyway? Worldschooling?

We had signed up to give a talk about our educational style under the headline “Worldschooling.” And it got me thinking. How do I explain what it is? And is it truly our educational style?

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Vegan and glutenfree | Day 229 of my 2023 Journal

Our style of eating does not make it easier to travel full-time. We are vegan and gluten-free. Honestly, I sometimes wish it would just be easier. But at the Home Education Family Festival, we were lucky enough: The only food stall was vegan AND gluten-free, just exactly like us. And they had crepes! Yay.

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Fairford and a friend | Day 227 of my 2023 Journal

Fairford is a small town in Gloucestershire in the Southwest of England. A pretty and neat little place I would have never visited if it was not because one of my friends grew up there and, for the moment, lives with her mother in the family home.

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Stonehenge, what can I say? | Day 226 of my 2023 Journal

“There is no way I am leaving England without seeing Stonehenge first,” my youngest child said when we did our planning day in Forest of Bowland a week(ish) before. Funny enough, you might think he would be tired of old stone circles, cathedrals, pottery, and little round marks in the ground where there might or might not have been some wood construction 6000 years ago. He is not. None of us are.

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You will never walk alone | Day 225 of my 2023 Journal

This is the key to football as a religion. The loneliness. Or, more precisely: The human craving for belonging. There has been so much lost in modern society, and football can sometimes mend it: bring people together, makes us feel part of a tribe, part of something bigger.

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