Big Rocks First - 1

Big Rocks First - welcome to 2023

January first has arrived, with the crisp feeling of a new year ahead and the (within our family) headline: Big Rocks First. 

Pointing at the analogy of filling a jar with rocks, stone, gravel, sand, and red wine (or water or beer, depending on the storyteller), we want this year to focus on filling our lives with the big rocks first. 

So, what are big rocks exactly in a life analogy?

To me, it is never straightforward, nor is it one thing. But it is about putting important stuff first, pushi…

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Week 17 Blogpost - 4

Unschooling is just life

Unschooling is just a fancy word for living, said a meme I saw on social media this week. It is true. Another, longer, a post I read was about how ambitious we can all become while following each other's unschooling journeys on blogs and social media. 

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