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Travel coaching
Get help with
your adventure

Do you feel trapped by your work life, mortgage, institutions and everyday life, and want to get out there?

Does it seem impossible to pull the plug for a few months or even for good to go off and travel the world? Your boss wants to see you at the office, your house demands mortgage payments, your kids in schools and a thousand other things holding you back and leaving only a few weeks a year for the adventure you crave?

After many years of intense traveling, we know all of the traps and also the shortcuts and solutions. Our conversations with dreamers opens new perspectives and options. It is about mindset, but also about knowing all the alternative ways of problem solving.


We are happy to help.

Cecilie1-1 3 Hours of Freedom EUR 299.00
Eno Stabell - Denmark

“Jespers & Cecilie's guidance and advice throughout our family's 6-month motorhome trip across Europe made us feel like seasoned travelers, despite it being our first extended road trip. Their support encompassed everything from recommending destinations, suggesting equipment, and providing a range of tips and tricks that proved indispensable during both the planning phase and throughout our journey. We truly feel we received excellent value for our money with a 10/10 rating.”


Mothering coaching
Get help with
your life as a

Do you sometimes feel insecure, overwhelmed, pushed around and putting out fires all the time as a mother? Exhausted and guilty, fumbling trying to find your way, loving your children like crazy but unable to sustain the family life you want, unable to be the mother you want to be?

I have been a mother for half of my life, and before that I was the older sister in a large family. That is, I have been mothering almost all of my life. There are so many things I have known all along, but had to sacrifice because I was not strong enough to win the battle against mainstream.

Coaching mothers, I want to help everyone to live the best life, enjoying motherhood with confidence and peace.  


I am happy to help. Single mothers are half priced!

True Nomad Communications
Cathrine Legardh - Denmark

“Cecilie possesses an exceptional presence and a spectacular ability to see me clearly. She is one of the most ‘relevant’ and life-wise people I have met in the field of children.”


True Nomad Communications
Julia W - Berlin, Germany

“The coaching was exactly what I needed. I felt a super high level of professional and knowledge. I am back on track and trust my feelings! Thanks so much!”

Berlin, Germany

Fatherhood coaching
Get supported in
your life as the man
in the family

I became a father when I married the love of my life, as she already had a five years old daughter. There is so much I wish I had known, so many things I wish I could re-do. When my wife wanted to homeschool, I was against it. When she wanted to breastfeed long term or co-sleep I was against it. It all felt weird to me.  I was against too many things based on a little voice inside asking me what would other people  think.

Do you feel your wife is overly protective, have crazy ideas, always thinks she knows better and generally a bit annoyed in your father role? Know this: your wife is probably right and has been all along. I am not joking.

Learn from me, a father of four, how to handle the role of the father and husband, to live with strong bonds to your children, fulfilling your job as a husband and man, taking life seriously and letting go of the little voice inside that is not even yours.


I am happy to help.

True Nomad Communications
Maj My Midtgaard Humaidan - Has received homeschooling coaching

“Thank you for your time and your thoughts, which have already significantly moved the agenda here at home. I'm glad we found you.”

Has received homeschooling coaching

Self Directed Learning
Get help with
your unschooling
or homeschooling

Do you feel your child is not thriving in school, but find it too overwhelming to take him or her home and to it yourself?

Are you afraid you can not do it, and that you would ruin their social life and future? Yet you feel it is off to let them go every day?

Do you want a happy and healthy homeschool life, shoulders down, confident children, everyday life of balance and growth?

We have more than ten years of personal experience with unschooling, and have helped hundreds of people on their paths.

Conversations on unschooling and homeschooling will support you in what you already know, in letting go of fears, allow you to feel confident and strong while giving your children their freedom back..  


I am happy to help.

"I got my confidence back and my gut feeling back.

In this life we encounter so many rules and pointed fingers, frameworks and systems - often put out by various authorities, which make it quite difficult to find out what is up and down.

Cecilie then just takes life: straightforward and delicious and looks at it from a completely different angle. She writes, speaks, advises in a way that puts me in touch with an ancient knowledge, a primal force – a love deep inside.

And I become sure that life is really quite simple, that I know deep down which way I should go. Of course, life is not always simple, but Cecilie makes it simple anyway, removes all the noise and gives me back my confidence and gut feeling."

- Linda Maluka, has received personal coaching from Cecilie

The Money Question
Learn everything we
know about
money and freedom

Are you feeling broke?

Does it seem like you are always running out of money, everything too expensive, getting things under control and a bit ahead of things impossible?

Do you feel trapped by the problem of making money, always trying not to spend it? Does this make you anxious and stressed out?

Do you fight with your loved ones about money?

The money question is extremely interesting and complicated.

We have worked with energy and money, entrepreneurship and money, family life and money, mindset and money for more than twenty years in our personal life, and gain knowledge every day.

Having enough money is much more complicated than just the simple math. Learn everything we learned, and gain power over your hours, your freedom and your energy.

Win your life back from the money question.

We do NOT offer any "Get Rich Quick" solutions. We believe money represents energy and you need to learn to control the energy flow. So be prepared for some hippie-dippie-energy talks, but also some revamped spreadsheets (seriously - you need to be aware of the energy you send out in the world - ie how you spent your money.)


We are here to help.

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