I advise personally and from the heart and in the present moment.

We live an absolutely brilliant life. Really. We are out of the Matrix, out of the box, happy and free. Ready for transformations even bigger, ready to bask on hot rocks and hike in mountains, ready for passion fruits and friendships, ready to be ready.

We love to share, and in my work, that’s exactly what I do. I share. I share my thorough experience and knowledge, my focused and strong vibration, my field of experience and my light.

I know the way out of the darkness and the frustrations, the way to your true self, the way you must go, to live an amazing life. And it’s not for everyone to sell everything and go out into the world with the kids. In reality, it is not happiness. If you can’t be happy at home on the couch or on the way to the local supermarket, you can’t be happy on a mountain top on a tropical island.

I look forward to helping you.




WALK AND TALK: Coaching with love

I will help you to make the transition into the life of your dreams.

The conversations take place on the phone, where I call you at the agreed time.

I recommend you go for a walk in a beautiful and undisturbed place, preferably in nature. Even if you get disturbed along the way, it doesn’t matter much. The hack at talk and talk is that you move around in the physical universe and that you move your body. It makes your mind much more susceptible to change and we work more efficiently.

At my end, I always find myself in a beautiful, high vibrating place and do the same: Go for a walk, quite simple.

I take the energy from these fantastic locations into the conversation.

When we talk on the phone together and both walk, the process we work on is both easier and smoother, and also more focused.

Nothing gets in the way, we come straight to the point. I have many years of experience working in this way and prefer it to the more sterile and formal "normal" pshycolgist setting

Julia W - Berlin, Germany

“The coaching was exactly what I needed. I felt a super high level of professional and knowledge. I am back on track and trust my feelings! Thanks so much!”

Berlin, Germany