Self Directed # 1 | Amrit Sandhu


Recorded August 29th, 2022.

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About this episode

We first met Amrit when we were guests on his podcast show Inspired Evolution for a talk about unschooling and our life as a full-time travelling family. 

It was a wonderful talk. Amrit is a great host and interviewer - You can check out the episode right here - and don’t forget to subscribe to Amrits podcast.

Now back to Amrit. 

Searching for a deeper meaning than just working 9-5 and having a “normal weekend,” Amrit started to host talks in his living room, inviting people to talk on subjects of personal development.

The talks grew in popularity, and Amrit changed from his living room to a podcast. Now more than 200 episodes later, Amrit is a world-renowned speaker and coach. His podcast features interviews with the world’s greatest thinkers, minds, hearts, and spiritual leaders dedicated to self-improvement and personal development. We are proud of you Amrit :)

Perhaps you're ready to set up your very own podcast?

Being a popular podcast host, one of the questions Amrit always get is: “How did you get started?” And what should I do to get from having an idea to get my podcast on iTunes? Amrits has an entrepreneurial mindset and decided to turn his knowledge into a course. A course we have taken and which has helped us in our process to finally go from talking about creating a podcast - to actually doing it - So it feels natural to let Amrit be the guest of our first episode.

When we start something new - we try to do it properly.

The difficult part has actually been to choose between all the projects we want to create. Do we really want to commit ourselves to it? Will it bring us joy? Does it tick off some of the boxes on our list of values?

During the fall, we paused all the projects we were working on and talked them through. And one of the ones that survived was the podcast.

It ticks several of our value boxes.

We are very passionate about living a self directed life, and we know how big an impact it had in our own lives to see that other people succeeded in living “outside the box” succeeded in living a passionate life together with the people they love.

So that is our focus for the podcast, talking with people who live differently, full-time travelers, artists, unschoolers, homeschoolers, and worldschoolers.

All the wonderful happiness seekers out there.

When we interviewed Amrit Sandhu from Inspired Evolution - we talked a little about the commitment aspect of creating a podcast. And as he says in the video - all the successful podcast hosts he has talked to have one thing in common.

They didn’t quit.

So we have committed ourselves. We will interview Amrit for episode 100. And as we plan to air our podcast weekly, that is roughly two down the road.

I am actually looking forward to looking back at those two years to see what we have learned. What has happened? Taking a look at the list of all the wonderful people we have talked with.

And most of all to see if we can keep up our commitment :)

If you want to check out Amrits “Launch Your Podcast” course, then just click here.

In the podcast Amrits says: "One of my favorite quotes is this Marianne Williamson quote where she goes: 

“As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

So if I can live my best life, if I can go away and do the things that I am limited by and believe that I am limitless and try and actually do some of those things, which really bring me the greatest joy, but it’s just my fear is standing in the way.

If I can work through that stuff and get out on the other side and be like, Hey, I can do it. You can do it too. And I may share my story. And in that audience, one person may hear such a story for the first time. Another person may hear it for the 17th time, which might be the exact time they hear it and transform. Someone’s hearing it for the fourth time. Someone’s hearing it for the sixth time.

So resting in the knowledge that the ripple effect is. And that each person is on their journey and they’re coming along and that they’re gonna transform in their right time as well, and that you are still contributing to their transformation.

But it may look different from the outside, different from what you want it to look like right here and right now.

But trusting in that the universe has its ways with such things."

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With love


Jesper Conrad 

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