Hi there

We started our full time travelling life style in this wonderful bus 5 years ago. We are still travelling, but want to travel in a different fashion and have purchased a lot smaller van, and also want to go backpacking. So the time has come for our beloved Setra S120 to get new owners.

Is it you?

If you are really interested, then please connect with us through the form below, then we can send more information about the bus :)

And if you are here just looking, then feel free to enjoy the gallery with a lot of images from our bus :)

Love and sunshine

Cecilie and Jesper Conrad

NB! I will later also upload some technical specs on this page, so you know more about the bus in details :)

Worldschooling Nomads bus

More info

The bus is a classic Setra S120 from 1973.

We purchased the bus on Valentine’s Day in 2018. We rebuilt the bus in the summer of 2018 and started our life as full time travellers in August 2018. We slow travelled to Spain in the bus, and fell in love with a Animal Sanctuary where the bus has been parked as a Tine House on Wheels for the last couple of years.

We start the motor on a regular basis, and make sure it spins. But now it is time for new owners who wants to take this beauty on an adventure.

For us - this bus changed our lives and we hope it also will change your life :)

Some details

  • We have added 600w solar panels with Lithium batteries and a 4K converter, that can run all of our electric gear.
  • We have built in a wood oven from the brand Orland Living.
  • The toilet is a compost toilet from Separett
  • We have a 400 litre water tank and 150 litre gray water tank. 
  • And there is also a good water filtration on it
  • There is a drawer kitchen from Ikea
  • There is a gas oven and stove in the kitchen
  • And the water is heated with a gas water heater
  • We have also installed washing machine as well.
  • There are LED lightstrips installed in the ceiling
  • And also normal LED lights

In 2021 we removed the plates as we only drove the bus on private land and didn’t want to pay the yearly taxes and insurance for the van. We are in the process of getting the plates on again and believe this to be fixed inside February.

Details about the solar panels and battery setup

  • Inverter: MppSolar PIP5048 4000W inverter
  • Solar-panels: TSMC 150W panels
  • Batteries:16 x Winston battery 200Ah Lifepo4 batteries with a total capacity of 10.24kWt
  • BMS: HELTEC 16S 5A Active Equalizer Balancer Lifepo4


The bus is parked around 1 hour from Barcelona. From where it will be sold.

Spare parts:

  • We have an extra engine and an extra wheel in Denmark, that you are welcome to pick up - It is included in the price, but pickup needs to be done inside 3 months of the purchase, otherwise we will get rid of it.
  • We have extra windows to the bus, as one of the windows currently are in plastic, it should be fairly simple to change if you know what you are doing :)
  • We also have some extra original hubcaps/wheel covers.
  • And then we have a box with a lot of smaller spare parts.

Are you interested in the bus? Please get in touch :)

Thank you - We will get in touch with you soon :)