Be my valentine


We believe it was no coincidence, we saw the red bus for the first time on Valentine’s day. The red bus has everything to do with love.

It is funny how the celebration of Saint Valentine has spread worldwide. When we were children, this was not a thing, then in our twenties, this new tradition found its way into the danish rhythm. Celebrating this day is a bit awkward to us, the critique was, it was just introduced to sell more flowers and chocolate.

But if we put on the yes-hat and think about it, this tradition is very very old. And old traditions are more powerful than our critique. Now we joined it, reading about the tradition through time and in different cultures, and we enjoy it.

We believe it was no coincidence, we saw the red bus for the first time on Valentine’s day. The red bus has everything to do with love. Love is so much more than dinner, chocolate, and candlelight, love is living a life of truth and with a commitment to life itself, to God if you like, as to doing things right.

How do you do that? Things right?

If I could give you a fulfilling answer I would be king. And I am not. But what I have learned is this: It is of crucial importance to be clear on your value system, to know what is truly important, and to convert this through big dreams to clear plans.

Then and only then, you are ready for miracles.

On Valentines’ day 2018, we met the right bus to fulfill our big dreams, of living outside the normal structures, being together 24/7, traveling with our home, to get out there in the world. It was an old and scary calling, and we needed to take this big decision of buying a bus to make it happen. So we did. On Valentine’s day.

This is love. Love of life. Love of the amazing gift we have been given, respect for the opportunities, and faith in the road right before us.

May the sun shine on you.


Cecilie Conrad

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