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On unschooling, vegan food and our travels.

Self Directed - Podcast cover

Self Directed # 1 | Amrit Sandhu

We have launched our podcast and are happy to present Amrit Sandhu as our first guest. Amrit is the host of the popular podcast show Inspired Evolution and besides being a wonderful human being he is also the one who inspired us to create this podcast.

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Big Rocks First - 1

Big Rocks First - welcome to 2023

January first has arrived, with the crisp feeling of a new year ahead and the (within our family) headline: Big Rocks First. 

Pointing at the analogy of filling a jar with rocks, stone, gravel, sand, and red wine (or water or beer, depending on the storyteller), we want this year to focus on filling our lives with the big rocks first. 

So, what are big rocks exactly in a life analogy?

To me, it is never straightforward, nor is it one thing. But it is about putting important stuff first, pushi…

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Are you happy?

Sharing our take on happiness, finding the good life balances, the ways we balance an ever-changing life, and the story of how we attended a great festival in Germany for home-educating families. Read on to learn our thoughts on routines on the road, lovely gratefulness exercises, and how we handle some of the basics of practical life on the road.

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Plan with a pencil FB

The secret to good planning

How we did not travel to England and what happened instead. One of the hidden perks of being a full-time traveling family is that we learn to sharpen our WHY and HOW all the time. In this blogpost we share what we have learned about planning and handling plans that changes.

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Conrad's Media Promo A

A conversation about world schooling

In this episode, Marissa talks with Jesper and Cecilie Conrad. This couple has 4 kids, and are very familiar with unschooling and world schooling. If you have ever wondered what unschooling is or isn't, this episode is for you. Marissa learned so much about how to still be the mother of her children, but release the control over their education a bit.

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Chateau Jasmine Cover - 1

Chateau Jasmine and how to handle big dreams

Inviting ourselves and staying longer than planned

We did it again. We invited ourselves for dinner, stayed overnight, and all through the following day. This time at a smaller castle in Normandie. This time with someone we only met briefly as he was the host at a music festival we enjoyed participating in. 

There was something about this guy, something that felt like family - so I took his number and invited myself for dinner with my not very small family. My husband also had a very good feel…

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How to Travel Full Time & Unschool Your Children with Jesper & Cecilie Conrad

Interview: "The Conrad family travel full time, question everything, and choose a life based on their core values: love, adventure, personal freedom, and strong relationships. They join Amrit to share their journey to unschooling their kids, questioning what is truly important in life, and show us that this path to freedom is open to anyone who dares to take the leap into the unknown."

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Week 17 Blogpost - 4

Unschooling is just life

Unschooling is just a fancy word for living, said a meme I saw on social media this week. It is true. Another, longer, a post I read was about how ambitious we can all become while following each other's unschooling journeys on blogs and social media. 

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Social life of Nomads - 1

Do nomads have a social life?

Do you have any friends? This is one of the all times most asked questions we get as a full-time traveling family. In this text, we share the answers and perspectives on the idea of having a social life on the move. We would never have imagined this reality before we left, but now it is our everyday life of adventure.

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