The Conrad Family

We live an absolutely brilliant life. Really. We are out of the Matrix, out of the box, happy and free. Ready for transformations even bigger, ready to bask on hot rocks and hike in mountains, ready for passion fruits and friendships, ready to be ready.

We Cecilie and Jesper, have four kids + 2 dogs:

Liv Ea (b. 1999)
Liv Ea is a published author and she lives in Copenhagen, Denmark with her boyfriend. They visit and travels with us from time to time.

Storm (b. 2006)
Silke (b. 2009)
Fjord (b. 2012)

Yuna -  b. 2018

Sulaima (Suli) - b. 2022

Our Story ...

Jesper & Cecilie Conrad live a life they don’t want a vacation from.

They travel full time together with their kids and share their experiences of how it is to live a nomadic life, without school or state.

The Conrads left behind the classic dream life.

They had a big house in Copenhagen with a lake view. Jesper had a blooming career as a marketing expert in the Danish Media Industry and earned enough so that Cecilie, who holds an MSc in Psychology, could enjoy being a full-time mom in their children's early years.

The plan was that Cecilie should go back to pursuing her career as a psychologist once the kids started in school, but in 2010 Cecilie got diagnosed with cancer - She was hospitalized for 6 months while being threatened for acute myeloid leukemia also known as blood cancer.

Being in so close contact with death and seeing how fragile this thing called life is, changed their values and focus. From here on Cecilie and Jesper decided to live their life to the fullest together with the most precious gift they had - their children.

Cecilie started homeschooling their children and as a family, they changed their path.

Jesper used some years to turn his classic 9-5 job into a successful location-independent digital consultant business. Jespers has worked as International Marketing Director for 2 times NY Times Bestseller and transformational leader Janet Attwood who created The Passion Test. The family only wants to work on projects that make the world a better place so among Jesper's clients are several NGOs that work to promote sustainability and the international project The Human Library - a project that works against prejudice.

Back in 2018 the family bought a big red bus and left the rat race behind to travel the world with their children.

The family is plant-based and gluten-free - they unschool, they travel full time, they question everything, and they chose a life based on values and passions: love, adventure, personal freedom, and strong relations.

The couple has four children, ages 10-22, the oldest is an adult living her own life in Copenhagen, she is a published author and joins their travels from time to time.

With freedom cone personal responsibility - Cecilie and Jesper dare to live the life they really truly want to live, they make an effort to make this path walkable for others. With their presence, their blogs, and social media they share everything they learn along the way, urging others to let go of fear and start living the life, they really want. They have helped hundreds of people to dare take the step to freedom.

Jesper and Cecilie have chosen not to chase career money, a big house, and a fancy car - instead, they have a lot of personal freedom and unfold their most important relations (with each other) whilst on a Great Adventure traveling a world of endless summer.

Their goal is to stay on track in a value-based life, always reflecting and adjusting according to context and new insights, never looking back and with no regrets, just moving forward and deeper into the question of what is truly important and meaningful - so they can go do it.

The family summed in 3 words: LOVE - LOVE - LOVE - but if that is too obvious, it would rather be: Freedom - integrity - adventure.

Come join the adventure :)

Cecilie Conrad

Cancer-surviving psychologist, former single-parent; co-sleeping, yogi, gluten-free, primarily plant-eating; happily married, stay-at-home, organic barefooted hippie and mother of four, living in a bus, knitting teddy bears and learning languages, counseling and enjoying sunsets.

Jesper Conrad

Father to 4 wonderful children, digital nomad – Self Directed Learner and big unschooling fan, who has been working with digital marketing and business strategy and development for more than 20+ years. Now happy bus-owner and full-time traveler.

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