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As parents, we have been on our own journey of self-directed learning and unschooling for over a decade. When we started, we found that there wasn't a lot of information out there for families like ours, who wanted to choose a life without traditional schooling. That's why we started our podcast: to make it easier for other families to find information, hear inspiring stories, and learn from others who have chosen this path.

We believe that every child has the right to take charge of their own education and that every family has the right to choose a life that prioritizes freedom and family time. Our podcast explores these themes through our own experiences as a full-time traveling family, as well as through conversations with like-minded guests who share their own stories and insights.

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    If you like what we do and want to support our work.Then please consider to give a monthly donation so we can cover our expenses on our podcast and blog. Thank you :)
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    We know how important it is to connect with likeminded when you are choosing a different lifestyle. Therefore we have created this exclusive mastermind group, where we meet the first Tuesday of every month.


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