Reviews: What our listeners say

True Nomad Communications
Patrick Farenga -

“The Conrad's Self-Directed podcast is a joy to listen to and be part of. They get to the emotional heart of the matters they discuss with respect and insight. Plus, their travels and interviews with unschoolers remind us how self-directed learning is actively growing around the world. ”

True Nomad Communications
Kirstine Reinholdt

“Self Directed is my new favorite podcast. It is where I find inspiration intellectually and spiritually. Also, as a family who wants to unschool ourselves, we look to the Conrad family and Self Directed for inspiration and testimonials of life as unschoolers. This is of great value to us. Thank you.”

True Nomad Communications
Joan Bødker Pedersen

“Not having any kids myself, one thing I love about the Self Directed podcast is that Jesper and Cecilie never speak of this way of life as merely something they “do to” their children. They have their own curiosity and passion, and they do their own inner work. So do their guests. That is what makes them such interesting people. These are honest conversations between people who have made deliberate, thoughtful choices in life and are willing to share their experiences and - most importantly - their reasons for doing what they do. I look forward to a new episode every week.”