Want to make your own podcast?

We are often asked how we got started with podcasting. And to be honest then the idea where there for years before we got started. But we procrastinated.

It is so easy聽to make a project difficult in your mind.

The thing that broke our procrastination spell was that we appeared as guests on Amrit Sandhu's podcast Inspired Evolution - And after the show we talked a little in private and I asked Amrit how he got started.聽

It showed that Amrit had gotten this question so many times that he has created his own "Launch Your Podcast" course.聽We were hyped after our talk with Amrit and was like - YES LET'S DO IT... But to be honest it still took us almost 6 months to actually start.

The biggest difference between succeeding and not succeeding is to actually start - so we did it - we took Amrits course and then we booked some guests and started for real.

The two main points from Amrit I want to share with you is this.

  1. Record at least 5-10 episodes before you launch your podcast. This advice works really well for us with our traveling life-style - some weeks we record 3-4 episodes and then some weeks we are immersed in traveling and record zero.
  2. The second advice is quite simple: Don't quit.

Love and hugs聽

Cecile and Jesper

Cecilie and Jesper Conrad

Our Podcast Tech SetUp

As we are full-time travelers we need a set-up that can be in a backpack - So our setup is kind of simple :)

When you are about to start your podcast you can end up in an endless Google Search of what to do, how to record, how to distribute your podcast and so on. I know we loved to see what others did, so here is our set-up.

  • We record on Zoom
  • We use an iPhone 12 Pro as a Continuity Camera聽on our Macbook Pro.
  • We use 2 R酶de R酶de lavalier Mics as microphones (they came with our R酶de Go set) and then we have them in a mono-splitter inserted into a headphone splitter聽(nerdy but works and we don't want giant mics in our faces)
  • We edit the videos with聽Descript聽and export a wav file we upload to Buzzsprout. Descript also have a free integration with squadcast which you can use instead of Zoom. You can also upload from Descript directly to YouTube.
  • To distribute our podcast we use Buzzsprout - There are free alternatives available like Spotify for Podcasters, but when it is free you are the product :) We love Buzzsprout for the features: Dynamic Content and Magic Mastering.
  • We use Podium to AI power our summary descriptions, transcripts, titles, suggestion for blogpost and a lot more.聽
  • And we use Opus Clip to create clips for social media. I cannot recommend them enough. Such a timesaver :)
  • And then we use a normal boring google spreadsheet to organize when we are recording with the different guests :)

And thats it - Don't make it difficult, just start! The important part is not the tech, but the dialogues :)