#57 - Lucy Aitkenread | Being a parent is a gateway to Self-Discovery: A Journey Towards Community, Connection, and Healing

This episode takes you through the ebbs and flows of self-development, where the practicalities of daily life meet the profound. We explore the 'rhythm method' of healing and the wisdom in embracing the cycles of personal growth, finding spirituality in the simplicity of peanut butter sandwiches, and the mindfulness of our everyday tasks.

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E53 Jo Isaac

#53 - Jo Isaac | The Transformative Power of Self-Directed Education

"I remember the day I threw the school bell out the window – figuratively, of course. It marked my family's leap into unschooling." Jo Isaac shares her journey through the transformative world of self-directed learning. Every moment holds the potential for learning, growth, and a deeper connection with our children.

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