Playtime | Day 112 of my 2023 Journal

Free play is at the center of Peter Gray's thinking, and I agree very much, especially with the “free” element. Play is this funny adult construction: We call it “play” when children interact with the world in their own free way, and we call it “creative space” or whatever when adults do the same. The looking down upon children's activities soaks through so many layers of adult thinking. Most adults find play a waste of time.

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Happy Birthday to me | Day 111 of my 2023 Journal

On my birthday, honestly, a few days ago, as I was “falling behind,” I did not have to plan anything. The castle stay is already a party, and there is no way my birthday is more important than my children hanging out with their new friends.

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On math and unschooling

Inspired by a walk in Rome with a doctor, mister protege in law

I discussed unschooling with my very well-educated brother-in-law while walking Trastevere, Rome, in the afternoon one spring day. He wondered if a child or young person could understand the consequences of not learning a specific topic. In his case, as a mathematician, he was worried about math.

At the end of the day, this is what most people worry about. One of the ethereal questions for unschoolers is: what about math?

It is t…

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The deschooling onion | Day 109 of my 2023 Journal

As my parents divorced early in my life and hated each other throughout the rest of their time, my little person became a battlefield. They would always look for the other person in me and come after me if they saw an influence they did not like.

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Well Behaved | Day 108 of my 2023 Journal

Free children just live their lives and can read a room, take care of others, keep themselves clean and healthy, and create good vibes and a meaningful life for themselves and those around them. It is not behaving. It is living.

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The Vikings were here | Day 107 of my 2023 Journal

And as the Vikings left Scandinavia to settle and travel all over, I sometimes feel I never really left my culture. I just built upon old traditions when I became nomadic. Our friends in Catalunia always called us Los Vikingos. Maybe it is not all that wrong.

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Climbing in Caen of my 2023 Journal

To be challenged into a comfort zone is a very healthy thing. When we do things we would normally not do, we discover new elements of our vulnerability and sometimes new strengths.

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The privilege of documents | Day 101 of my 2023 Journal

Five years on the roads, and I see the pattern. The marketplaces are worked by the same products and same people; more or less, the landmarks and main evening hangout places worked by the same group, selling the same products, just as the white blankets with sneakers and bags are worked by the same people. People without documents. Good people without options.

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One hundred | Day 100 of my 2023 Journal

In the silent chapel, one message came clearly to me: Let peace fall upon you. In my life, it was my grandmother's words, and now God did a replay for me, reminding me of peace. I always pray for clarity, for help to find my way through life, and the message was to let peace enter.

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The same boat | Day 98 of my 2023 Journal

It is so easy to be annoyed with other people, and it is a common trap to believe your perspective is proper and that others got it wrong. I sometimes talk with other radical people, and even in these conversations, it is easy to condemn those inside the box. Feeling smarter and better. Let us not forget we all have a journey, and we are all worthy.

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Just hanging out | Day 97 of my 2023 Journal

Just hanging out is a great luxury. In the morning, we all did our thing: The teenagers went for a walk and a croissant at the vegan, gluten-free bakery they had found, I did some morning shopping for the family, my husband did his yoga, and the youngest caught up with some sleep.

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