Gaming | Day 147 of my 2023 Journal

Wuau, it has been a roller coaster! Gaming might be the most potent example of the importance of Deschooling in my entire journey as an unschooling mom. Wuau it is complicated. What are we afraid of? Today I will try it myself and see what happens. I might have some fun!

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Moments | Day 146 of my 2023 Journal

Not all days sport Rocking things to Rant about or big themes to play Wise with Wisdom around. Some days are silent resonance boxes. So much love. So many decisions. So much to do. All the moments. All of the long lines. The responsibility.

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Dinner at Åmarksgård | Day 144 of my 2023 Journal

To share a meal with loved ones is a beautiful thing. We have sat down many times around this table and are grateful to have these wonderful friends in our life. Always the perfect balance between learning, growing, enjoying, and simply being.

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The me-time concept | Day 143 of my 2023 Journal

When my kids were small, and I realized the craziness of mainstream (even state-supported) advice for families, me-time was a huge thing. Young parents were told they needed time to themselves, alone or together as a couple. It is one of the returning questions: Don't we need time alone? You know what? (Warning rant coming) ...

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Nomad logistics | Day 142 of my 2023 Journal

My husband and Storm had to fly to Barcelona to see the dentist. Early morning flight, a quick vegan, gluten-free pizza from Flax and Kale, a friend drove by with a blender and gave a good hug, then the dentist, more street food, and a taxi to the airport landing in Copenhagen just after midnight.

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Overnight oats with Ebbe | Day 141 of my 2023 Journal

Over the years I have learned to know my value. I have gained energy and focus. I am less chaotic. This is a great advantage of a nomadic lifestyle: Things come into perspective when we return to the same places, like mirrors showing us our progress or our detours.

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It is a Miracle | Day 140 of my 2023 Journal

There were tears, we fell to our knees, and the relief was huge. Nova was born sound and safe. We welcome her with all that we are, all we have. Deeply moved by the miracle and forever thankful for the life we have been given.

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May the forest be with you | Day 139 of my 2023 Journal

One of the root problems behind climate stuff is disconnection. From each other. From love. From nature. From a humble and grateful perspective. This feeds consumerism, speed, need, and greed. Without the deep connectedness to our souls, to The Force, we can not live fulfilled lives and will feel hungry and dissatisfied forever.

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Cancer survivor | Day 138 of my 2023 Journal

On the 18th of June, I was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. And so, the roller coaster started. I was diagnosed. We all panicked. The doctor told me in the first sentence they could cure it, and I said I did not want statistics. I would go straight for that narrow option, however narrow it was, but I needed not to know the numbers.

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Home is... | Day 137 of my 2023 Journal

To me, home is where my family is. Home is the love. Everything else is practical: The food, the clothes, the computers, the books. This matters much less than the feel of home, the love and commitment of having each other's back, of being in a private space, of unconditional love.

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do you dare to share group

Do you dare to share? | Day 136 of my 2023 Journal

I hardly know how to visit people anymore. With the Attwood family, we live our lives on top of and around each other. We all do our thing, and the harmony is perfect, no less. The way we merge our energies, and have conversations picking up and leaving loose ends with no stress, is my favorite way of being around our friends.

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The German Connection | Day 135 of my 2023 Journal

Ten years ago, Chris and Doris Attwood were suddenly in my living room in Copenhagen.Our families have been inspiring each other for a decade now, dancing in circles. Even on the first day, we knew there was something important going on in this relationship, as - to be fair - most often, there is something important going on.

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The adventure is the people | Day 134 of my 2023 Journal

The adventure is not about WHERE we go, but rather WHO we meet. 

In the new relations lies the true adventure. Most important is the relation itself, but shooting off from there comes to the stories, the vibes, and the knowledge making the actual travel adventure so much richer. As a friend of ours puts it: All I need is a place to sleep and a friend to show me around, then I am ready to go anywhere.

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Is this Ibiza?! | Day 133 of my 2023 Journal

I know all pain comes from the distance between how I perceive reality to be and how I want it to be, so I try to flip it around. To say to myself I trust the process; I would not want it any different; I am grateful for every moment I get, and I would not want them all to be equal. The fact things change is a premise, and I love the adventure.

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It is never really goodbye | Day 132 of my 2023 Journal

The families are starting to leave. Nomads always move around, and now the castle experience is ending. Everyone is going in different directions.
The circles meet over and over; plans are being made all the time of when and where to meet again. As one of the beautiful teens said: It is not that hard to meet again when both families are nomadic. It is much harder to see people again if they live in the same place.

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all the little things

All the little things | Day 131 of my 2023 Journal

I love days of "little things" - days where I just follow along, do my yoga, organize things, and just are in flow with life. I am grateful for the fact that I don’t have to go to work. I am not part of a system of showing up, looking good, and performing within someone else’s time frame and frame of mind.

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