live learn love

Live Learn Love | Day 164 of my 2023 Journal

Thriving is a complex one. Human nature, our flaws, and vulnerabilities will emerge in any context where we unfold, hence also in this reign. We can learn a lot from studying the seven deadly sins and looking for temptation in our own lives.

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The value of home-making

The value of home-making | Day 163 of my 2023 Journal

I am very much a homemaker. This is interesting, as at the same time, I am a true nomad. I find it intriguing how I can at the one hand love to move around so frequently and at the same time enjoy the home-making processes of setting a space for social life, and establishing a kitchen with fermentation and sprouting.

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swedish memories

Swedish memories | Day 161 of my 2023 Journal

Sweden is somehow a second motherland for me, and l love being back for a while. I love how old memories mix with new experiences and how reflections on past times add to the depth of the current moment, like new strings on an instrument or different resonance.

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Silke -bil

More is more | Day 158 of my 2023 Journal

The saying “less is more” has been around for a long time, and it makes sense to a lot of people. The minimalist movement has been big, and it is an important one. Stuff, as well as projects, accumulate, and the consumerism culture is moving at high speed.

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Pushing children | Day 157 of my 2023 Journal

Adults obsess about making rules, and setting “boundaries” for children so that they understand = obey. I find it hilarious because adults don’t respect the boundaries of the children. The contrast between the respect wanted and claimed, and the respect given is enormous.

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Life witnesses and sailing through the city | Day 155 of my 2023 Journal

Copenhagen is a city by the water. We sailed the canals together with my soul-friend Tamiko and her partner on a big raft. Spending a day on the water with friends in the sunshine is such a luxury. We sailed all afternoon, had meaningful conversations, feet in the water. Storm read “The old man and the Sea” on the raft, and it was perfect.

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Shakespeare and Nostalgia | Day 153 of my 2023 Journal

A friend of mine told me about a Shakespeare open-air play in one of the central parks - The Tempest, a play I had never heard about. It was funny, moving, relevant, brutal, existential, full of insanity and love (Shakespeares' favorite mix), tragedy and comedy, ribbing out the innermost vulnerable elements of human life and bending it in neon.

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The New Copenhagen | Day 151 of my 2023 Journal

If I were ever to move back to my hometown, I would not choose the new areas. I would stick to be me. And hope to find some of the wild lives, some of the extreme kind of thinking, and some of the raw and untamed non-matrix lives I have always loved in my city.

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Beautiful Copenhagen and our alternative life | Day 149 of my 2023 Journal

When we let go of the ideas of how “it is supposed to be,” we are left in a peaceful place. When we learn to live with less, happy if we have “it all,” and happy if we have “some,” then life is so much easier. We are happy and so ready for this special event. A week in our favorite city - the one we come from. Beautiful Copenhagen.

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The journaling challenge | Day 148 of my 2023 Journal

When I started this challenge 148 days ago, I planned to share a photo daily, along with a snippet of text related to the day before—a simple travel-journal challenge. I have loved doing it. It has grown a lot. I try to ignore the attention from social media. Well, I do not ignore the people talking to me, obviously, but I try to avoid being hungry for it. It can be hard, likes can be addictive.

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