Rain, bikini-body, and container-obsession | Day 194 of my 2023 Journal

We found a campervan park at a harbor in Holland. It was full of roses and other flowers, someone attended them beautifully, harbors are always beautiful, and on top of all that, there was a special treat: The view to a container facility, where I could obsess over worldwide logistics and the moving systems of vast chunks of stuff.

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Moving On

Moving on | Day 192 of my 2023 Journal

The core of the nomad lifestyle is to move on. Ever so often, when we go somewhere, we feel the time allocated for the place and the people are to restricted: We want to stay for months. We say that over and over: We could stay here for a month! Or two! I wonder when we will learn to trust the process fully.

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Nomad castle

The social nomad | Day 191 of my 2023 Journal

Our children are not dependent on a social field of: A) lack of trust of adults (because they always have an agenda, and they don’t trust you). B) too many other children you are forced to spend EVERY DAY with for up to NINE hours.

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Synchronicity | Day 190 of my 2023 Journal

The connection between our exit and the weather change would be perceived as non-existent and strange to even think about. Yet, Jung described these perceived synchronicities in human life as important and meaningful awareness of the subject towards essential life elements.

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Everything matters | Day 189 of my 2023 Journal

What matters the most is we stay alert and awake spiritually; we stay alive and present and ready to enjoy the journey of life. That we can engage in a state of flow and love, trusting what we do and don’t do to be the “right” choices. “Everything matters”

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Stay in flow | Day 188 of my 2023 Journal

Emotions are a good guidance system. When at peace, all is good; when excited, we are on track to something important, when annoyed, frustrated, or angry, there is something to let go of, either an idea, an ego vibe, or an attachment to some version of reality not currently available.

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Halfway done! | Day 187 of my 2023 Journal

Having a clear value system and a clear goal makes it so much easier to “miss out” on what is happening here and now to achieve a greater goal. There is nothing I recommend higher than getting clear on goals and values. And re-doing it ever so often. What is important? Where are we going? And why?

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The zero-day | Day 185 of my 2023 Journal

One of the significant advantages of the nomad lifestyle is scarcity. It keeps us awake. The fact we are not staying long anywhere makes it always urgent to prioritize and do what is the most important always. We can not fool ourselves; we have to do what is on top of the list.

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