Hiking in the rain | Day 213 of my 2023 Journal

What is a good life? What makes us happy? How do we succeed in doing the things that make for a good life and make us happy? Hiking in the rain, changing the plan, and coping with dogs on leashes and cars passing can be a success, even if we imagined something else. It is all about mindset and about knowing our why.

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Transition day | Day 212 of my 2023 Journal

It is not very interesting to drive on a highway in the rain, slowly, because of road construction. One of the delays was a 27 minutes queue deriving from a parked road construction vehicle on the side and people having to drive around it. Seriously! And the rain. What is going on with this English summer?!

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Footpaths and barefoot walking | Day 211 of my 2023 Journal

There is something about the footpaths in England. At some point, a law was installed to protect the paths, allowing everyone to walk on the established paths. This means there are thousands of paths through fields and along and through other sorts of private land, making England very open to enjoy for everyone.

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Bradgate park | Day 210 of my 2023 Journal

Watching Britain in a park. The different people, their vibes and styles, and projects. I love to look at people. I was amused by observing most of them still had their shoes on in the water. Where I come from, everyone would take them off.

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Too much to do. In the rain | Day 207 of my 2023 Journal

Sinead O Conor died. Fjord's best friend called. When we finally went for a little walk, the rain started again. We shared the wash. Discussed shampoo. Met new people. Did two podcast recordings back to back. Organized the van a bit. Tried yeast-extract Marmite Style.

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Weekly Walk cover

The Weekly Walk habit | Day 206 of my 2023 Journal

Walk and talk is just as perfect together as dahl and rice or sunshine and beach. Here are some observations on England as we walked there, some thoughts on unschooling as we walked with two other unschooling families and my whispering intention to try to build a real habit.

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What ever they want blog

Learn Nothing Day, Compliance and Avoidance | Day 203 of my 2023 Journal

Learn Nothing Day combined with my genuine shock reaction to a new-to-me three-letter diagnosis inspired this text about leaving children be, accepting our parental responsibility of love and support, and shaking off the madness of demands and structure surrounding mainstream family life. Welcome to a rampage about freedom, trust, and real reality.

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