Do we have to read Shakespeare?

"I feel sorry for people who never read Shakespeare", my 15-year-old son told me one late night in the darkness and the tiredness after just another of the many parties we attend while visiting our home country.

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Journey of One Happy Family

Roxanne Phoenix, fellow worldschooler, award-winning filmmaker, singer, traveler, animals advocate, Kangoo-jumper, vegan & mum interviews Jesper about what made us take the step, how we took it, and a lot more. Enjoy the interview here.

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Are You Always Busy?

Life is in the moment of the things we do. Whether we are studying a language or talking to a friend, or going for a walk, the most important is not to have a mind full of all the things we are not doing in this present moment.

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Unschooling is about freedom

Letting go of control and ambition is not letting go of presence and enthusiasm. We trust the flow of life, the joy of learning, the natural curiosity everyone possesses and do not plan a curriculum for our children.

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Family Travel and Unschooling

Video interview: "In this special episode of Artist Date, we had the pleasure of chatting with Cecilie Felumb Conrad and Jesper Felumb Conrad from Worldschooling Nomads, where they share their story of traveling full time with their kids and their approach to teaching."

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And they call it normal

How often do you want to be together for 7-8 hours straight in a small room with 28 persons who are born in the exact same year as you?

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Education and learning cannot be stopped

Education and learning is an intrinsic element of human life, can not be stopped, and institutions are not necessary for children to get good educations. The world would be a better place without compulsory schooling.

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How to make dreams come true

We left a wonderful lifestyle in a beautiful city to get an adventurous lifestyle based on traveling, unschooling, community, and our open hearts to the cosmos. It has been magic, and it still is. We are very grateful for the freedom and the love. 

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I used to be a feminist

We need to find a new kind of life, a better balance for everyone. I believe in personal freedom for everyone. And in true and humble respect for the dignity in everyone. By everyone.

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Let’s talk about fear

Often when we meet people, they praise us for being fearless. We are not. We have chosen that fear has no place in our life. But it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t rear its ugly head.

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Risk taking with a purpose

I am reading this book and I just love it, Antifragile. It is a perfect concept. This is how we are strong: Risktakers, awake and alive, ready for mistakes and trouble, ready to learn and grow, ready for what we could not even have thought about.

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Are we homeless?

Technically we are homeless – But the abundance of freedom, the beautiful sunshine, the adventures, and the peace is amazing.

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Be my valentine

We believe it was no coincidence, we saw the red bus for the first time on Valentine’s day. The red bus has everything to do with love.

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