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We have been interviewed by Marissa Dingler who is a fellow world schooler. Marissa has a podcast show called Digital Nomad Family Podcast which we think you should check out.

From the show notes:

"In this episode, Marissa talks with Jesper and Cecilie Conrad. This couple has 4 kids, and are very familiar with unschooling and world schooling. If you have ever wondered what unschooling is or isn't, this episode is for you. Marissa learned so much about how to still be the mother of her children, but release the control over their education a bit." 

Check out the podcast on:

We also suggest that you follow Marissa and her family on Instagram to see the daily adventures they get into, they are called Family Of Dashes.

I hope you will enjoy the dialogue we had with Marissa :)

With love


Jesper Conrad

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