Self Directed # 7 | Juliet Silveira

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Recorded December 30th, 2022.

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About this Episode  

Juliet Silveira is a consultant in parenting, education, and organizational culture, and she holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master's in Education Research. We stumbled over Juliet's work on Instagram, where she is active as JulietLearns.

Clips from this Episode  

One thing that annoys Juliet is the lack of knowledge from parents about who makes the standardized tests and the curriculum and who makes money on it. As Juliet explains: “One of the unique things to the United States is that private companies facilitate our standardized tests. So we're funneling billions of dollars to private companies to create these tests. And those same private companies make the curriculum for the tests, write the teaching textbooks for the texts and create the tests that prepare the students for the test. And the taxpayers are paying for all this - to private companies. And the companies even use millions of dollars a year lobbying to keep things exactly as they are.” Juliet believes that if even more parents know this and if the states would make the tests themselves, then the money today sent to private companies could be used to make better public schools.

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