How to Travel Full Time & Unschool Your Children with Jesper & Cecilie Conrad


Enjoy this podcast where we have been interviewed by Amrit Sandhu from Inspired Evolution.

About this episode:

"Jesper & Cecilie Conrad left behind their classic dream life to travel full time with their kids as The Worldschooling Nomads

The Conrad family travel full time, question everything, and choose a life based on their core values: love, adventure, personal freedom, and strong relationships

They join Amrit to share their journey to unschooling their kids, questioning what is truly important in life, and show us that this path to freedom is open to anyone who dares to take the leap into the unknown."

Here are some of the subjects covered in the podcast:

  • What is unschooling?
  • The idea that kids must aspire to reach their "full potential" is a toxic construct
  • Jesper's traditional upbringing meets Cecilie's unconventional upbringing
  • How to listen to a child's intuition
  • The difference between homeschooling and unschooling
  • How their son taught himself how to read in multiple languages
  • The unschooling balance: self-confidence is essential for both parent and child
  • Can a free-thinking child respect authority?
  • Guess which cultures are most open to unschooling
  • Is this way of living for everyone?
  • Favorite parts and challenges that come with the lifestyle?

I hope you will enjoy the podcast

With love


Jesper Conrad

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