E12 - From London to a Yurt: A Journey of Unschooling and Self-Discovery with Lucy AitkenRead

Lucy AitkenRead

🗓️ Recorded February 15th, 2023. 📍Palermo, Sicily, Italy.

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About this Episode  

In this episode of our podcast, we had the pleasure of speaking with a Lucy AitkenRead who has truly embraced the call of the wild. Lucy AitkenRead is a mother, activist, and bestselling author and lives on a farm in a yurt in New Zealand with her husband and two girls.

She is an unschooling advocate and runs Disco Learning. 

After living in London for years Lucy and her husband felt the desire to break away from societal expectations and fulfill a deeper calling. They drove off in a van and explored Europe before settling down in New Zealand, where her husband is from. Lucy shares her story in her book: '30 Days of Rewilding is a collection of daily readings that will inspire families to fall in love with nature.' 

We hope you will enjoy this episode and be inspired to follow your own calling, even if it means breaking away from societal norms and expectations.

Clips from this episode  

Answering the Call of Nature: A Journey from City Life to Rewilding

There's something about nature that draws us in and calls us back. For Lucy AitkenRead, moving from the bustling city of London to a yurt was a way to answer that call and reconnect with the natural world. And while she admits that it may sound cringey or stereotypical, there's something archetypal about this journey - the idea of humans getting caught up in what we're supposed to do, only to realize there's more to life than ticking boxes.

For Lucy and her family, that realization came with having children and considering the life they wanted to create for their kids. It was a chance to shake things up and ask themselves: do we want to stay in the city and keep doing what we're supposed to do, or are we willing to throw it all out the window and see what develops?

In the end, the pull toward nature was too strong to ignore. It was a chance to rewild themselves, connect with the natural world, and create a different kind of life.

Deinstitutionalizing our Minds: The Sacred Path of Deschooling

Have you ever felt like you're doing nothing, but deep down, you know that's exactly what you should be doing?

Well, that's the beauty of the deschooling process, or as Lucy AitkenRead puts it, the "de-institutionalizing" of ourselves.

It's not easy to sit with the discomfort of feeling like you should be doing more, but that's exactly what this process is all about. It's about unpacking the institutionalization in our bodies and minds, questioning the "shoulds" that we've been taught all our lives, and discovering what truly matters to us.

Deschooling is not just about learning outside the traditional education system. It's about redefining what success means to us, letting go of the need for constant productivity, and recognizing that simply living our lives is enough. All you built on top is just a bonus.

So, if you're feeling lost or unsure about where you're headed, take a step back, sit with the discomfort, and start the sacred path of unschooling.

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With love


Jesper Conrad 

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