#9 - The 5 World Explorers | Embracing Nomad Life: 1,680-Day Adventure Around the World

5 World Explorers

🗓️ Recorded January 18th, 2023. 📍Casa Nina, Sampieri, Sicily, Italy

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About this Episode  

Imagine traveling the world for over 1,680 days with your family – exploring new cultures, learning from unique experiences, and embracing a minimalist lifestyle. Sounds like a dream, right? 

Join us as we chat with Sarah and Massey, world travelers and parents to three amazing kids, who've done just that! From navigating tricky roads in Costa Rica to living in a van during the pandemic, we dive deep into their journey and the lessons they've learned along the way.

Massy & Sarah has been traveling full time since June 2018. They are an Italian family that, in 2010, sold everything to move to the States. After eight years, they decided it was time to take another big step! In June 2018, they sold everything again and started exploring the world with their three kids: Cosimo, Emma, and Luca. 

Traveling with children comes with its own set of challenges, but Sarah and Massey share how their kids have quickly adapted to new environments and made friends despite language barriers. We also discuss the concept of 'unschooling,' which has allowed their family to break free from the traditional education system and embrace learning through real-world experiences. But how do they manage their budget and create a passive income while on the go? Find out their secrets and strategies.

Lastly, we reflect on the advantages of being a nomad and how it allows us to truly connect with people from all walks of life.

We explore ways to overcome common obstacles that prevent people from traveling long-term and how to immerse oneself in the local culture of each destination. From forging incredible bonds with locals to inspiring others to explore the world outside their comfort zones, Sarah and Massey's story is one episode you won't want to miss.

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Clips from this episode  

Are you a Tourist or a traveler?

There is a big difference between being a tourist and being a traveler.

Massy & Sarah are full-time travelers - They travel with three children and have explored the world for the last five years.  One of the biggest changes that have happened to them is that they have moved from being tourists to travelers.

“You have to change your behavior based on the place and the environment you are in. When you travel, you immerse yourself in the local culture.

If you are a tourist, it's a different story. You go there for a week or less, and you behave as you behave at home. You bring your behavior with you, and nothing changes.

But when you start traveling, the mindset change. So you are not a tourist anymore. You have to change based on the country you are in - and here lies the internal growth.”

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Jesper Conrad 


Transcript of Self Directed Episode 9

E9 - Embracing Nomad Life: The Story of The 5 World Explorers 1,680-Day Adventure Around the World

Please note: This transcript is autogenerated by AI voice recognition - so there will probably be some transcription errors along the way 🙂

Jesper Conrad: five years ago, more or less to five years and some months. Yeah, it's five years ago, no, okay, okay, i will start. Okay, four years ago we were in Granada to a world school summit and we met Sarah and Massey, who has also been traveling for a long time, and actually I would love to be able to beat them, but they have been traveling more days than us. So how many days is it now? 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: It's 1,680 something. 

Jesper Conrad: Yeah, and which date did you start actually your travels? June 2, 2018. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: And that's when we started. 

Jesper Conrad: No, we started July first. Did we Yeah, yes. 

Cecilie Conrad: We moved out of the house. 

Jesper Conrad: We moved out the end of June. 

Cecilie Conrad: yes, We did. 

Jesper Conrad: Yeah, we did So they were a month ahead. One month ahead. 

Cecilie Conrad: So now I'm very, very curious Technically, how would you beat them? 

Jesper Conrad: The time machine, the time machine, the time machine. If we travel long enough, it might happen Two days in one day. 

Jesper Conrad: Maybe we can try, no so maybe something was flying around the wrong way, or maybe no, but to get back to it, we decided to start this podcast because a lot of people, like when you meet them on the street or meet you traveling, they're like, oh, how is that possible? And what do you do with the kids and education? And so we are talking with a lot of people who either travel like us or home school or on school or live some kind of self-directed life. So the first, with you being fellow travelers could be interesting to ask is where are you right now? 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: We are in Costa Rica. We are in Uvita. This is a whale area. The whales are coming by right now. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: On the Pacific side. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: Yeah, and it's famous because it has this beach that looks like a whale tail. So it comes out like this There is a feature here, right. 

Cecilie Conrad: Whale tail beach, beautiful We are on this side. Costa Rica is on our list this year. 

Jesper Conrad: Oh, that sounds wonderful, wonderful. We actually have a winter plan for going to Costa Rica next year. No, this year Not this year, but in the winter, as our grown-up daughter will travel over there with her boyfriend. So we would like to be there when they're there, we will stalk them. 

Cecilie Conrad: Oh, that makes sense. I would do the same, basically, if they fly to Costa Rica, then how could we see them if we don't stalk them? But what are you? 

Jesper Conrad: doing in Costa Rica, how long time and what is the plan? We've been here for over a month now. Over a month, yeah. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: The idea was to come for like a month and then go to another country like maybe El Salvador. We weren't sure And then we need to go a little bit slower, so we decided to stay the whole. We're staying till the beginning of February here, so almost two months in Costa Rica. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: But we like it. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: Because it's beautiful and we don't feel like rushing through it. Plus, driving is a bit can be challenging. I mean, it's a small country, but the roads, some of the roads, are. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: Yeah, last time when we actually did a road trip from. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: We moved from the mountains to the Pacific, and it took us not the wrong way, but an alternative way. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: No, it was the fastest way to get here, the problem was that we got a road that was like this She's there, but she's there. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: It was like this, but we said, okay, we're going down Because with the cheapest way to get. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: Every time we travel we try to find the cheapest solution with the car. But we have five people, we have the bags, so we found a nice car that was cheap. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: Seven people, yeah, i mean it's small, but it's small and it's not four by four. Which would be better in Costa Rica? The problem is Yeah. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: Yeah, this road was really At one point I had to really go back. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: So we were in the middle of the road, in the middle of the forest, nobody was going, But we were going down until this guy stopped us and said no, no, no, stop going because there was a truck. In Spanish Yeah, we thought he said there was a hole, but then we found out it was a truck. Anyway, we couldn't go through. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: So But the road it wasn't. There was no asphalt, nothing, and it was really, really bumpy. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: So we had to go back, but at that point all the rows were like this Now we had to do them back up, and we couldn't do it with bags, kids, humans in it, so we stopped. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: In the middle of the road, I start opening the back and I start Pulling out the bags. I'm holding the car and I say, okay, we have to find the solution. So I left them there with the car and I start walking to the closest house. So on the way I stopped several cars and they brought me there. Finally, a guy with a coffee truck arrived. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: The ones that go pick the coffee they have. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: And he agreed. So we load all the bags in the back and the kids and Sara And I start climbing slowly with the car and I made it to the top. 

Cecilie Conrad: For me. we heard this story before from someone who was in Costa Rica and had to take everybody and everything out of the car. He was not as lucky as you were. They had to walk, just walk. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: Oh well, that would have been a long walk for us, yeah, but it was The story I heard. 

Cecilie Conrad: It's just funny, it's almost exactly the same story. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: And we shared it on our social media yesterday and it was nice because a lot of people told us well, i'm happy you finally got to experience the tico kindness And it's true, because he didn't expect anything. I mean, he just did it to be kind. It wasn't like you pay me and I do it. We actually gave him something after because we wanted to give him something And he was like He was surprised He didn't want the money And we're like no, no, no, please. He just saved us from sleeping there. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: But it was a cool experience. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: It was really fun. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: The kids they helped last Going in the back of the truck, it was amazing. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: Considering they were a big concern for a moment and he was like so what should we do? 

Cecilie Conrad: I'm like I'm not sure, yet Something will happen, then we got the truck, so usually something happens and your problems, yeah, yeah. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: Everything solves itself, just as long as you're open to the possibilities, you don't panic too much. 

Cecilie Conrad: I think, that's for us at least, it's a key to. We've been in all kinds of weird situations And if we're like, okay, yeah. Now we'll find something or have a new idea, or see it from another perspective, and then we'll figure it out. 

Jesper Conrad: Yeah, And about figuring it out, then one of the things we are relearning all the time is come on, let us make better plans, because sometimes we do. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: Yeah, but then we end up always in the same thing. 

Jesper Conrad: But you know, sometimes we are like, okay, what should we do now? And it's actually easier if we look a little ahead. But we actually thought we were going to Egypt next week And then we started looking at the budgets, the plane tickets. 

Cecilie Conrad: It was more the planes. They're in Sicily, in Italy, and we thought, ah, egypt, not that far away, let's go to Egypt, and then all the plane tickets has to take us back up to Rome or back up to Rome, And it's just, we have a van here, so we would fly to Rome, then fly to Egypt, then fly to Rome, then fly back to Sicily and then drive back up to Rome where I'm meeting my sister in April. 

Jesper Conrad: And you guys in France, we presume. Yeah, it was like do-bit, and then we make another plan, But actually I wanted to come to a question about how do you do your planning, What are your or how much do? 

Cecilie Conrad: you plan? Do you do planning? 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: Lately we changed a lot that one too. After COVID So in the beginning we were planning. Now we just go day by day really. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: We have some things planned out because, for example, we're going to Mexico at the summit in March. So we knew that we were going to be in this part of the world. So then we originally thought, okay, we could do this, this, this, And we had a list of three countries we would do before Mexico. And then we're like we don't feel like going that fast, And if we go in a place we actually want to see some of it. So we're like maybe we just take one out and then we took another route. And then we're like, yeah, we'll just go to Costa Rica, We will stop in Guatemala because I have a friend there And we can kind of do a few things in the area. But it kind of came up last minute. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: The idea when we arrived here was like, okay, let's do at least five or six countries. We got excited And now we're going to do just Costa Rica and Guatemala, that's it. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: That's how you enjoy it more. We do, yeah, and then like, for example, here we book an Airbnb. Like we came here, we booked it for four nights. Everything is a little pretty pricey in Costa Rica. But then what we do is after, if we like it, we just ask if we can extend, and we have extended every single place we've been to. So we've been in every place at least a week or more, and so we pay a little bit less, because at that point we just pay them cash And you save money. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: So because we don't plan, we don't have everything booked. Then we can be flexible. So we were in this place yesterday. We really loved it, but we had booked this place and this other place here in Vita. So we are going back on our way back, but we're changing house because we didn't like the house, But the location was absolutely amazing. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: The location was right in front of this Hermosa beach Really Hermosa And the beach is completely empty. There is nobody And it's black sand, and we just stayed there until the sun went down. It was amazing. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: So because we don't have everything booked, we know we have to be in San Jose, the capital for our flight, So up to then. So then we can do. you know, we have that freedom of. We keep a really open, but we do have a flight out now. We do because we are going to Guatemala, but we bought it last week. 

Cecilie Conrad: I'm just asking you the planning, but this is like no med to no med. I don't book air B&Bs like once. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: Very often. 

Cecilie Conrad: Like day before or even on the day we can have, like I need a shower, i just want air B&B, i don't care. Or sometimes we, sometimes we I think it's very different. Right now we've booked something in Fianza and Rome. What is that in English? Fianza is not in English. Florence? Florence, yeah, because we're meeting with my sister's family, but everything from next week until end of March is just open. So when we talk about planning, we are more like what country, more or less? Will we fly somewhere? Will we drive? Will we aim for hiking experiences, or is there any like cathedrals or museums or something like that? We want to. So we do very loose planning, yeah, but then we have some focal points. Like you say, you're going to the summit in Mexico, so you have something fixed for that. 

Cecilie Conrad: Is it you coming in Florence? I don't even know who. Yeah, we are the hosts. Oh sorry, just by coincidence we're meeting with my sister in Florence the same week, but we're not attending the summit. 

Jesper Conrad: But we can see you anyway. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: I said synchronicity, no coincidence. 

Cecilie Conrad: Yeah, okay, okay, got it, But we are going to hang with my sister and the daughters. 

Jesper Conrad: But we of course, met before. But for the people listening and also for my own curiosity, actually, what happened that made you wanted to travel full-time? What is your story? What made you start the travel? I know now it's many years ago and it feels like every day, but what happened? 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: So we lived. We are originally from Florence, Italy, and we moved to the US in 2010, when our kids our two older kids were just born. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: That was the beginning, the travel. Yeah, because everybody thinks We didn't realize it, but now we start realizing it. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: Because we sold everything. Everybody said we were crazy. Blah blah, blah, blah blah. We're like yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, and we left. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: We didn't leave because we didn't have any. We have a good job there. I was a physical therapy in the hospital in Florence and she has her own business, but there is something that was missing. That's why you say, okay, let's try something different. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: So we went there, we lived there, we had a nice house, lived in a pretty place, everything was fine. And then we had Luca, so our third child. And then Mass goes to do this workshop in another state and comes back and he's like, okay, so in January we're all going to Thailand. And I'm like, no, the kids are in school, we can't. They just got back. And he's like, no, no, no, no, it's going to be fine. We go away two weeks and I'm like, what are we going to do? You have a workshop, what are we doing? And he's like, oh, you just hang out. And every two days he had a day off and we can do something. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: So I'm like no, the school, and he goes to the teachers, tells the teachers and they're all like it's totally better if they go to Thailand than if they stay here. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: No, they said they're going to learn more during these than just staying in the school And just go. okay, let's go. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: So we went and we there's many little things that happened while we were there, for example. We were, i was walking with the kids, i went to the beach almost every day, but then they told me there was this market. So I said, after the beach, i said let's go to this market. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: We were in this little village in Thailand and everywhere you can go by walk, you don't need to take So he was gone and I was walking back. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: I had a stroller, three kids all tired, hot. It was really hot And I got lost. I could not find the market or my way back to the hotel And I didn't have any wifi anything. So I was kind of having a desperate moment. My kids were really hot And I'm like what am I doing? And these people on the side of the road had like a little stall and they offered me water. They didn't speak English, i didn't speak Thai We're just kind of mumbling things And they were trying to understand what was the problem. So I told them the name of the hotel. I couldn't get there. And this guy looks it up and then he offers me a ride And I get in the car with this. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: I don't, i don't know what I was just like okay, I got in the car and then I sat there and I'm like, what if he like takes us away? I start thinking all the bad things. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: Usually you know we think at the time they were little and Luca was not even one year old yet And I was like, what am I doing? I was overthinking it. I get we. He takes me to the hotel, drops us off, doesn't ask for anything. I offer him money, he doesn't want anything And he leaves. And I was like, wow, it's not true that everything is bad outside of. You know, in the world, everything is actually. The people are actually good. So then I did that. It was amazing because it was like me with these three kids and I actually trusted what was happening. And then we went on another little adventure where we almost had an accident and but that we didn't have the accident. And after that we're like what if we sell everything and we just go and travel? and it seems pretty like there's a lot that we can do and it's pretty amazing And so the second time again, we sold everything because we rebuilt everything in the US. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: I was teaching in school acupuncture school and I was have my own business at home. She has her own business. She started from zero and she was doing a professional photography. We have a house. The kids that were drive and everything and say no, no no, no, no there is not a place. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: Let's start doing it. And we supposed to do 12 months experience The first, the first year. The idea was, okay, let's just leave some stuff and do it. And after 12 months I said, no, why, let's, let's keep on going, We're not going to stop. And now we really sold everything. We don't have a storage unit, nothing. We have the four bags that we carry with us. Well, five. Five yeah. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: Plus he has a paragliding wing. Some six bags now. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: And the backpack. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: And that's it. Yeah, well, technically we do have a house now, because after COVID we bought a campervan, because we did not want to fly for a while. So our campervan is currently parked in Bolonia because we had to go back to the US, because we hadn't seen my mom in too long, and so a few things happened, and so, anyway, we went back to the US for a few months, and so our campervan is waiting for us. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: That's why, after Mexico, we are flying back to Europe, because we're driving, we're going around with our camper for the summer. 

Jesper Conrad: Oh, good idea. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: You have a house now. 

Jesper Conrad: We have tree houses that way. 

Cecilie Conrad: We're not minimalists. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: No, no I remember, do you still have the big, the big one? 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: They're selling it. 

Cecilie Conrad: Well, it's for sale but it's just decided two days ago that it now it's time We've been discussing for a while, but then we had a good conversation with some friends and we realized we should just sell it. Actually, we decided to sell because we're not. We built oh shit, we built another one. So we have another van that we're actually living in And the bus I remember when I met you you were. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: You showed me the band. It was amazing. You have your kitchen or your stuff. 

Cecilie Conrad: It was amazing, it's beautiful And it's been parked in the same place for four years. 

Jesper Conrad: Oh because, it's too big. It's too big. It's too big to travel in. And then COVID hit. It's awesome. We had two deaths in the family so we needed to fly back to Denmark two times And the reality is that we now look at it as our exit ticket. The price we pay to there leave the comfort of home. 

Cecilie Conrad: But the bus is beautiful. 

Cecilie Conrad: It is The bus is beautiful and it's amazing, And if you want to go travel in it, I think it's just perfect. But for us we have an adult child in Copenhagen and we tour mostly Europe And this means we go back quite frequently because she's adult but she's not like 45. I mean she needs to have parents that sometimes go back and witness her life. And so we realized we like to be around the Mediterranean because we like the sun And we often we have to go back and we have to go back quickly because something happens. I lost both of my parents during this journey and we had to go back for funerals. And we also just you know, I want to go back for someone's getting married, or so we go very often. 

Cecilie Conrad: We go these 2000, 3000 kilometers just to come back, not for adventure, just to come back. And then we go 3000 the other direction, just to come back to the sun, which is a lot of kilometers. If you drive, a veteran that drives two kilometers on one liter of diesel makes no sense. If you're traveling and just move the bus every 50 kilometers, explore the world, it's perfect, But for our needs it's not perfect anymore. And then there's another practical thing that one of our children has grown very tall and he cannot stand up inside it anymore. 

Jesper Conrad: He doesn't have it from me. I'm like normal sized human. You don't need to be higher than one, taller than 170, the one meter and 75 centimeters above that is just show off. There's no need for it, and I have a Sunday like I don't know what's going on. 

Cecilie Conrad: Yeah, stand up inside the bus anymore, which makes it a little. It's not fair for him to be honest. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: Does he? 

Cecilie Conrad: fit in the van, He fits in the van It has. yeah, it's different because, the bus has this storage room underneath for suitcases. 

Cecilie Conrad: It's an old tourist bus, so you have a lot of the lower spaces for storage and then you have the living space that cuts off, and it was good enough when we started, but now it doesn't work for us anymore. He's very tall, so like a normal sized family would happily be able to use it. It's just, we have a very tall child and we have to respect that. So we sell the bus and we sell the little green van we had, because we did the Mercedes that we're now driving and we need only one. So that's what's going on. 

Jesper Conrad: And we actually have been thinking about backpacking and we will test it out next year when we are going to South America. 

Cecilie Conrad: How about when we're just testing? 

Jesper Conrad: I mean we're doing it. That's kind of its test. 

Cecilie Conrad: Testing. Are you going back? if you think you're back, I couldn't have my stuff with me. 

Jesper Conrad: He just has to say You have been traveling a lot also during the last couple of years. I've seen Tunis and some places in Africa and what Tanzania. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: We did the 45 countries so far. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: Yeah, yeah, we went to Mongolia this summer. 

Jesper Conrad: Yeah. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: Vietnam. 

Jesper Conrad: Well, how do you decide on where to go? 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: Well, Mass wanted to drive to Mongolia, but he realized it was a bit of a challenge. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: I would love to go with the campervan. The problem is, when I try to make the route, i find out that if you go from South, you have to go through Iran, iran. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: No. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: No, it was like which one was there. Anyway, one of these countries was difficult to obtain the visa You have to apply. They have six months to reply and most of the time they say no. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: We don't have that time frame. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: We're ready off to another thing. 

Cecilie Conrad: So that's what we're up to? 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: Yeah, it was impossible because we were in Turkey. So that's why we spent five months in Turkey with the campervan. It's amazing, guys. If you have a chance, go there, because it's a beautiful country We were in the summer. 

Cecilie Conrad: It's beautiful, yeah, we love it. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: But Istanbul is amazing and we love it, but the rest of the country is. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: Because many people didn't even see it. They just go to Istanbul and Cappadocia and that's it. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: But Cappadocia with a campervan is amazing. You just sleep and you wake up because they're blowing up the other balloons around. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: Sorry, I had to say it Yeah. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: It's like we went back twice just for that. Just because we had to actually move our campervan because they're like you're right in the parking. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: We drove right to the border with Syria. We went to see Gobekidepe, nice. It's amazing And the cool thing is going that direction, it was nobody. They don't see many tourists, mostly it's Turkish. They go that route. So we stop at gas station at one point and the guy ran out and said don't leave, don't leave, don't leave. In Turkish We try to manage to communicate And the funny thing was that he wanted to offer us just tea and he gave us tea and everything, because they didn't see many tourists. So you want to just talk. So we communicate with Google translator. We find the way. So it wasn't any other way. So the other way I was saying that to go in the north side, but north side it was Ukraine and Russia to cross to go to Mongolia, and the moment it was the war. They say okay, they forget about this flight. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: Yeah, but we wanted to go. So most of the places we go to is because at one point they were, let's say, one of us wanted to go there, and so then we try we've always tried to make short flights, so not, like you know, go from Australia to Costa Rica, but make it in a smart way. And so we tried to go like where we had the least jet lag. But now, because of coming here from my mother, so then we're going to have to go back to Europe, so we've had a few jumping up into town. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: And it's cheaper too, because if you for short a flight, you're going to spend less money than longer flight. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: Or maybe you don't skip the flight and just take a bus or something to cross. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: Yes, yeah, actually we were looking yesterday to go from here, No from. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: Guatemala City to Vera Cruz, where the summit is It was like 21 hours and you have to check. It was not worth it. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: It was, and the price of the bus was almost like the price that we pay for the plane. So I say, okay, let's fly there. Yeah, sometimes you have to continue because we are five And one is still a little young and sometimes he gets a bit. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: If we are traveling too long then it's stressful. How old are they now? So Luca is turning seven in a month. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: The 27th of February. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: And Emma Positimo are 12 and 13, both turning 13 and 14 this in a few months. 

Jesper Conrad: They're almost moving away, I know. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: Momas told them he's doing the countdown of when they're moving out. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: No, because in Italy, 14, you can get the license for the motorbike. And I say Cosimo, as soon as you turn 14, i'm going to send you to your grandparents so you get the motorbike. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: No, he's not. 

Jesper Conrad: I'm joking. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: No, i'm joking Yeah yeah yeah. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: He's staying with us. 

Jesper Conrad: I presume it's a question you also met with. often We have met with the. so how about money? And our answer is always well, we work, but how do you make ends meet in your end of the world? 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: Well, first of all, clearly we try to stay on, have a kind of a budget of what we do. We don't go too much over. When we book things, we have our limit price. But then we have to be flexible in the countries. Some countries are cheaper, some are more expensive. So also when we go places, if we go in an expensive country like Costa Rica that's why we go to Guatemala and Mexico they're a little bit cheaper. So we try to combine the two. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: We try to ask, like for this house that we just rented. We got a discount. We ask and sometimes they give you discount and the lady was nice, She gave us almost $200 discount And normally we do like one or two days And after we try to regain and so we avoid expenses. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: They don't want to pay the extra stuff to Airbnb. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: I mean too much And then sometimes we do house sitting. Yeah, Nice When we are on that side of the world. We travel by camper van So we're saving a lot of money. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: We have a YouTube channel, So we ask, especially for when we do experiences. We often ask for a discount or for free depending because we're offering to do a video And we've had like we did a private odd-hair balloon flight in Cappadocia, which was half the price because we were doing a video about it. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: And we got the just out of the blue sometimes happened And it's cool. When it happened, this lady called us in Mongolia and because she wanted to show us her family was hotel right, yeah, family hotel. So she invited us there And she said if you do a video for me, i offer you a food for free. So in this amazing restaurant it was a five-star hotel. We didn't have idea. So we met there, we stayed with her a couple of hours. She showed us around, we did the video and we have this amazing meal. And two days before leaving Mongolia, we didn't schedule anything. So she offered us a room in a hotel for free. We didn't spend anything. 

Jesper Conrad: That's a good way to travel. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: But we did create an income for us before leaving, without knowing. I mean, we hadn't planned to travel at the time, but when we moved to the US, we moved when there was the economical crash, so I mean right after. So everything was extremely cheap when you come from Europe And the euro was very strong at the time. So when we converted Arizona, arizona, yeah, we converted our euros Two dollars. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: We got a lot more out of it And so we were able to buy a house for us and buy some investment properties. So most of it, we have income from that, which helps us travel without having to worry about having making sure that the YouTube channel makes a lot of money every month and kind of not worry about that. So that's, that's, let's say, our job. Yeah, yeah, and so then we have a channel. I'm a photographer, he does some self-help coaching, so we do these things that are more active income. But we like the idea of the passive income, because if we don't want to do anything, we can take a week off and not do anything because we have a passive income. 

Cecilie Conrad: So, yeah. 

Cecilie Conrad: But it is a two-sided thing. I think it's about how money comes in, but it's also about how value comes in and how how money flows out. Like we've had this kind of experiences We were invited to live in a house with someone for a month once, like would you like to come live with us? And we just said yes And it was a lot of fun, and actually some of their friends invited us to come live with them after that, so we had like six weeks of just not paying for sleeping, which is always nice. It's one of the big ones on the budget, to find you. We also travel with three children, so five people lie down every day. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: They get expensive as they grow up. 

Jesper Conrad: Oh, yes, i don't know. 

Cecilie Conrad: I think our kids are kind of humble, but we have three teenagers at the moment And I think my biggest worry when we try to think about the budget is how to feed them. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: Yeah, that's what I'm talking about, and I'm talking about them being expensive is because you have to pay for adults and not kids anymore. Yeah, for things you do, but also you can't just give them a banana. 

Cecilie Conrad: I mean, no, no, you can. They were free, but now they need like sometimes at a restaurant, they need two meals, not one, because they simply don't get full. 

Cecilie Conrad: And and it well, our kitchen, so we can live in it, and it has kitchen and bathroom and beds for everyone. But we have to cook outside, which means in wintertime, even though we're in the south of Europe, it's kind of cold and dark to cook dinner And the doors have to be open so it's cold inside the van And so very often it's either corn flakes or restaurant, and restaurant is kind of expensive when we are eating five adults and three of them are growing. So I think that one is. It's very hard to regulate, especially in the winter. 

Cecilie Conrad: It's just Sometimes it's cheaper to find an Airbnb and cook ourselves. Yeah that's what we do, Yeah, but it's cheaper than not paying the Airbnb but then having to solve the food problem all the time. Ours are 11, not exactly teenager, but very much on the team and 14 and 17. And then we have a 24 year old in Denmark. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: Yeah. 

Cecilie Conrad: Yeah. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: So most of the time when we get the Airbnb, we cook. At least dinner is always at home, and breakfast clearly. Sometimes we'll have something out for lunch maybe, because maybe we're doing some activity, but if we can't, we bring stuff with us anyway. So it's going to be cheaper in the long run than if you're always eating out unless you're in some countries where it's cheap to eat. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: When we are in the camper. We cook in the camper all the time. 

Cecilie Conrad: Yeah, but I suppose you have an indoor kitchen in the camper. Yeah we do. It's tiny Yeah but it's still inside. I mean it's tiny, maybe there's a little rain, the star gets. I can't do it, but I do not enjoy. It. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: No, i know, Yeah, yeah, that's the one thing I really. but sometimes it feels really tight. So that's when sometimes we would just get an Airbnb for a few days, just to spread out. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: Yes, we saw that the equilibrium is like after three months in the camper, we need to stay at least three or four days in Airbnb, just to take a break Well done. 

Cecilie Conrad: I think we do like a week. We don't do three months. We do What do we do? Sometimes we do three weeks, but that's it. That's it. Then we just need. We need to spread out, We need to. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: So yeah, yeah, yeah, it's different. We also have a little oven. It sucks, but it's an oven. 

Jesper Conrad: Oh, it's wonderful to be able to make real food in an oven as well, that's actually That's what you can. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: Every time I make a cake, it's always like this It's cooking. And it doesn't like grow ripe, but it's like whatever. 

Jesper Conrad: It's sugar and it's sick Yeah. 

Cecilie Conrad: Yeah. 

Jesper Conrad: So talking about traveling with kids, also for, for, for how do yeah, i know ours take it very, very long Do they learn? No, no, no, Yeah, okay, how do they learn? 

Cecilie Conrad: How would you stop them learning No, let's, let's not go there. 

Jesper Conrad: But we're at it with language and they are enjoying it. It seems like. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: Yeah, For now they seem to seem to like it because we asked them. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: They don't want to leave. They want to stay with us. They diet. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: They're already planning when we can travel alone and they're like but we're coming too. One point you won't know what we do. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: Every couple of weeks We sit down wherever we are and we ask them do you still want to continue? Do you feel comfortable to do this lifestyle? Do you like a? do you? there is a place that you want to visit? Do you want to stop for a long time? So we discuss all the time this time and stuff, and apparently for now they enjoy and they keep on wanting to do it. 

Cecilie Conrad: I totally. This is just a mirror. We ask them because everybody asks us. Don't they want stability, don't they want stable? They're friends Because they don't have friends And when I ask my children they're like nah, i just want to see the next country, the next city, the next museum, the next cathedral, the next Yeah Concert Round the next corner, what's behind that mountain? That's what they want. And if they push me, they say the only thing I need is more cake. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: Well, that's when you get an Airbnb, so you can bake right. 

Cecilie Conrad: Yeah, just go to the bakery, yeah. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: Or the bakery? No, but like for us, one of my friend of ours no, it was actually one of my mom's cousins that she was saying how they're going to have sociological problems growing up. And I was really annoyed by her comment. I mean, I respect what everybody thinks, but she hadn't taken the time to speak to them, to actually analyze them, because she actually had a conversation, because we arrived at night She invited us to dinner but she kind of didn't talk to them, probably thinking they didn't speak. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: They actually speak Italian. We were sleeping outside And we were sleeping in our campervan. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: And the next day she was like yeah, i think this lifestyle is not good because they're going to have sociological problems. And I'm like, actually, you know, they are really good at connecting with people they have never met, especially like, if they go in a playground and meet some kids, they're the ones that are going to pull everybody in to do a game together. Most of these kids need a break to go on their phones. Our kids don't have a phone And so they're being like well, we're all together, let's play a game, and they do that everywhere. Sometimes it will take a little bit longer because the other kids are shy or I don't know. Just take a moment, but they always find a way. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: Just happened recently with another family we met. There was a moment they were all world school and their world schooling too, but they were two older brothers I mean a brother and a sister the same thing of our kids and a smaller brother, and the two older ones were kind of chatting between them And then at one point Cosimo, our oldest, did something silly because the other family didn't speak English. So I think that's why there was a moment of difficulty. The daughter did And he just kind of was silly about trying to pretend he understood him And they started joking By the end of the night. The other boy wanted to hang out with Cosimo. The whole time He wanted to sit next to him, although they didn't really speak very well, but they had so much they had fun. And a few days after we saw them he came. He wanted to hang out with Cosimo again. So it was. I don't think they have sociological problems, because they're really little ones. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: They really, when they find kids they don't waste time, you know, trying to be cool and just make sure they can have fun together, And so I don't know. I mean, I feel like us adults sometimes have a harder time connecting than our kids. 

Jesper Conrad: Absolutely But. 

Cecilie Conrad: I think that the life that most children live in the school environment, it's a synthetic kind of life. It's very, very different from what I would perceive as reality, where you move around with your heart as your guide And you end up in kinds of social situations with all kinds of people in all kinds of contexts. And your children, as well as mine, they live like this and they learn sociologically to handle being in a very shabby museum and you have to be all polite and have your back straight and to hang out at a beach with 200 other hippies and, you know, do the bonfire bed. with kind of lifestyle They can manage anything And they can also manage in languages. they speak in languages. they don't speak in languages, they halfway speak. My kids have a lot of languages. they can navigate but not exactly speak Just like me and Italian. And it's just funny because the standard is they need to be able to handle the school life, social situation and obviously that they will never learn. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: It's not the healthiest anyway. 

Cecilie Conrad: Anyway, whether it's healthy or not, this is the one context they don't have, because they're not welcome. They're not welcome in the school if they don't plan to stay for 10 years and they don't But they do know how to walk into a Catholic church or walk into a monastery, or walk into a bakery, or walk into a hippie camp, or walk into a museum or walk into a wedding or whatever in in five different cultures. They know how to do that and they know how to have fun and to take something home. My children are a bit older than yours, so it's not as much about other children. They might as well find someone who's 68 years old and have a nice conversation about I don't know. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: You should see our seven year old. He will chat with older. He always talks to older people. He talks with them. They don't speak his language. He'll still get through to them somehow. I mean, he has the best friends and they're all adults. 

Cecilie Conrad: So, yeah, i have no worry on the country, i have no worry about my children's social life. And also, like you said, you sit down once a month and question them Are you happy? And I ask my children that question, they say yeah, happy. They just discuss at the moment this concept of missing your friends because a lot of their friends tell them oh, i miss you so much. And my children are like am I rude? I don't miss them. I'm happy when I'm around my friends and when they leave I know I'll see them again, but not around. I'm just happy with whatever is in the present moment. Do I have to miss my friends to be a good friend? Maybe you don't have to. You just enjoy them when you have to close your kids up, friends and make countries, and I think that's the best thing, no, it's just when. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: Go, go, go ahead. 

Jesper Conrad: Okay, no, no, no, it was just. I kept remembering back to what you said about your mom's cousin, and some people use this ageism to describe it, where people are kind of racist based on the number of years you have lived. Agest, agest based on it. And I can. I kind of have lived not different lives, but I remember being the dad who just went to work and Cecilia was to stay home, mom who did all the homeschooling, and then my life changed a lot when we started full time traveling And I sometimes I can see the old part of me where I'm like go into places and then I connect with the parents and I'm like, hey, they're humans, they're just smaller, have lived less years, do not ignore them. 

Jesper Conrad: I can hear that voice in myself sometimes because I have been there as well. I understand where to come from, the people who do it, but I'm very happy to not be there anymore And it's kind of strange when I see it. Sometimes I actually have experienced our children being kind of. That was rude. He didn't talk to me. Why does this guy come into our house and don't even say hi to me? That's weird. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: They do that a lot In the US. when we went back this time, the only thing they asked her kids and they really got annoyed with it is like they all want to know what grade we're in and what's our favorite subject, And they're like, yeah, but the funny thing about the dentist. Oh yeah. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: So we were at the dentist. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: He asked Emma he was doing like small talk and he asked her he's like so what's your favorite subject in school? And she said knitting. And he's like he didn't know how to answer. He was like so outside of what he was expecting, math or English or whatever. He didn't know what to say to that. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: You can see his face with blank out completely. Is it now what they say? 

Cecilie Conrad: When my children answer I've never been to school, it's kind of the same face. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: This way do not compute Especially when they like when they are like he's so big. 

Cecilie Conrad: And when he says, well, i've never been to school but I study psychology, and they're like wait what? Yeah? 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: But on the other hand. 

Cecilie Conrad: They are two really good questions to ask school to children. Somehow you know and a way to connect with a way to connect And let's not be too rough on other people. you can expect children to be in school. Most children are To meet a child. it's a good you know. it's a good guess that their life is based on the school life. So we just have to find a way to come up with good and respectful answers to this. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: Also because it's not legal in a lot of countries to homes. 

Cecilie Conrad: So people never heard about it. And I mean yeah, i come from that as well. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: Oh yeah, but it's just. It's just interesting to see how, if you observe And we probably all did the same when our kids were in school The first thing you ask a kid is not like I don't know what's your favorite thing to do when you're free time, but it's what's your, what grade are you in And what's your favorite subject. It's like there's so many things you can ask a child and that's the main thing And then, and then it ends there There is no more, there's no dialogue. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: Yeah, that's where you're like OK, you're treating him like a kid. That, that's all you can. That's his only possible conversation. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: But, if you notice, sometimes in between adults we do the same. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: It's the same conversation. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: What's your job? How is your job? What's your job? What did you do Is the same And most of the time, boom, it's go flat, there is nothing more. Yeah. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: But it's funny when your kids pointed out and say, mom, they keep on asking me these two questions What grade am I? And I'm like oh. 

Cecilie Conrad: I'm trying to figure it out. 

Cecilie Conrad: Our kids don't know. I remember last year, i think it was about a year ago, everybody started asking our son, our oldest son, who is now 17. So what are you going to do next year? And he was like next year, what? what are you going to do after the summer? And he was like we're going to Barcelona, i think. And then he realized, oh, had I been in school, i would have been done with school this year. So that's why they asked me. And he was like I'm going to read my books and travel the world like I always do. Why would it change in September? But because the what do you call it like fundamental school? Yeah, the, It's over and he could have started high school. Then there was a game changer and everybody asked him what are you going to do? And he was like I think Italy. Yeah, it was just fun, yeah, yeah. 

Jesper Conrad: I would. I would love to have time for some questions more where one of them is no, no, no. One of them is just For people who are listening to this and it's like, ok, that sounds awesome, we also want to travel. What would you to a tree at Weiss's be to people who haven't have the dream but haven't dared doing it yet. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: First thing, you have to Unschool yourself. So get out, get out of the mindset and believe system that the life has to be. leave in their way, because they taught you since you were young that you have to have a good job, make money, buy a house There is a few. Just open to the possibility that they get out of the box. You can see the opportunity that everywhere And most of the people that we, we we get in contact to they have. The problem is when I say oh, it's, it's a money problem. We are not millionaires, so we don't want to be perfect. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: We we are not million either, but we found the way around with three kids and and if you don't have enough money, you start from maybe cheapest country and you just enjoy and you go there. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: So when they overcome the idea of the money problem, they start thinking, oh, i have a problem, oh I cannot leave my family because I feel guilty, my parents or my, my, my relatives or whatever it is And I say they're going to leave their life anyway And there is no way that they going to change their lifestyle based on what you do Doesn't matter if you stay there or you go away, the life, the keep on going. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: So when they overcome that idea, at the moment they start realizing oh, maybe I can try, but the moment they fear is coming and say what is going to happen? I don't know what to do, where I go, and it's it's not easy, because it took us like four years now to get out from the comfort zone that you have when you stay in one place and you have everything available close by. Because when you change country or when you change, you have to change your behavior based on the place that you are, and it's really the environment that you are. You immerse yourself if you want to really travel, because if you be a tourist it's a different story. You just go there for a week or less and you don't care because you behave like you behave at home. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: You bring your behavior with you and nothing change. When you start really traveling, the mindset change. So you are not. You are not a tourist anymore. You have to change based on your country that you are. Do you sometimes do tourist time? 

Cecilie Conrad: Oh, yeah, there are some things that we go and see. You know, you go to Paris. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: We did go on the Eiffel Tower. We didn't go around Take a photo like everybody else. 

Cecilie Conrad: I thought we did Paris this year exactly And I thought about I think in Paris we were kind of tourist, yeah, and I don't know, we're not. I totally get you, you can't be tourist. 

Jesper Conrad: You can't be tourist. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: You can't be tourist, we're not. 

Cecilie Conrad: I totally get you. You can't be a tourist all the time. We're not on vacation And sometimes you need a date just to you know, handle your fingernails and laundry and call your insurance company. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: Or you just want to go and walk on the street that nobody goes on, but it maybe is interesting because you looked at it and looked kind of nice. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: So we do the tourist thing, we look up, i mean we went to Vietnam and we went to the road where the train passed. Everybody goes. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: The train didn't pass. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: We had to take a picture. Let's do it. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: We do those things, of course. 

Cecilie Conrad: But we try also. We are not going to do all the tourist things. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: We'll do some of it, the ones we're intrigued by. We went to the pyramids. We did go to the pyramids, we didn't just avoid them because it was touristy. 

Cecilie Conrad: We were there for that. I'm just thinking, you know because I'm not looking. 

Jesper Conrad: Yeah, I'm not looking. 

Cecilie Conrad: It's part of the. I totally hear you with the immersion and how you change who you are, and I find it extremely interesting how the change of environment affects us and how we can absorb and be inspired and maybe intrigued and maybe even a little out of our comfort zone by something we don't really understand. Or we do understand, but it's very, very different And it really pushes us to know who we are and evolve. So, on the one hand, we do have our bare feet in the soil of wherever we are, but on the other hand, we're always visiting We're never really part of, and this gives It has advantages and disadvantages. 

Cecilie Conrad: One of the advantages, i find, is that I get to be myself. No one really has an expectation on the connection between how I dress and how I would vote. Let's say, you know, i can actually just be Cecilia and we can have a straightforward conversation about what's interesting. No one has any. I don't have an idea about this person I just met because they come from completely different life and they don't know who I am and we can just sit down and be human beings. And one of the things, the advantages I really enjoy about being Nomad that I don't. I can take off all these layers. They're not there, i don't even have to take them off And that's like in between this you know, absorption and tourists, the Nomad. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: But if you Because the problem is many people. They told us oh, you are in constant vacation. No, it's not. This is a different way of living. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: If you were here for 10 days, like most of the people we've met along, the tourists that were here, they came to Costa Rica for 10 days, so you would mainly stay in hotels, probably eat out because you have 10 days you can you know your budget is for 10 days, But we're staying two months. So we are staying in the houses. We're not going out every day doing stuff. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: We try to find a local grocery shop that will spend less money. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: Yeah, we look for free stuff. When we were in La Fortuna, which everything is expensive, we look for free activities, And we did some paid activities, but we did look for free things too. So the only difference is that if you were a tourist, you had those days. You would be one day here, one day there, and we don't do that anymore. The first year we did cramp more things in because we thought it was a one-year experience, So we wanted to make sure we saw as much as possible. But after that we're like no, we don't need, we don't have a day for everything. But it's like today we do this, then we take a day off or two days off, or maybe three, And then we do something else. 

Jesper Conrad: And it's also almost like people's normal vacation budget for 10 days. That is like a three-month budget if you are not on vacation, yeah, it's crazy. 

Cecilie Conrad: Yeah, it's some kind of confronting. We do spend a lot of time with people on vacation, our friends and family. they coordinate their vacations with where we are going or we go where they go to get because we want to see them, but it is it's a delicate balance because we're not on vacation and we can't run money for a week, because the next day someone else is coming, the summers can be like really. 

Jesper Conrad: It can be expensive. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: Oh yeah. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: Yeah. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: We just don't have that kind of energy and because we do things, we are in places, we don't have the energy to every day do stuff and stuff. We don't care for it. We need our down days. We're here, we're going to do the whale, go see the whales, but we arrived yesterday. We're probably going to book it for maybe tomorrow. After tomorrow, We need a few days to kind of unwind and just be here and just do simple things. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: And the other way it's like if you learn the local I want to say custom and you try to communicate with the people, like the normal tour for tourists is $75 per person, even the kids. Yesterday we find $45. Yeah, and $20 for the kids. We went to the house of this lady. She was speaking only Spanish and they are local people. We learned if you go with them and you actually help the community doing that, you just give me, give cash and you pay $45 and the kids to end it. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: So we're doing the tourist thing, but we want to help the local community rather than the rich guy that has his own shops. 

Jesper Conrad: Absolutely. 

Cecilie Conrad: I also think in our experience, when we stay longer somewhere, it seems like something changes. It's a different level of adventure that you can get if you stay more than these standards 10 days or whatever it is It's? 

Cecilie Conrad: like the grocery store or someone at the bar or the beach. They notice you and you just become part of the environment. And then other things happens. We got invited ruined wine in Catalonia, like really old school, with our feet, which was a lot of fun and we wouldn't have if we hadn't stayed more than a week. So these adventures of not leaving, i think it can look very nice and fine to say and I've been to this and that many countries this year but there is a layer of adventure that we don't get if we don't risk just staying and even being a little bored. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: We went to Montabé before here, right And the lady that we stayed at their B&B. we start talking and we became friends. Now she said when you come back, you have a friend here. She actually managed to. we went out together one day with the kids She has two little kids, so she brought us in this. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: It's like a farm. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: I mean it's a hotel farm Ecological, but they have a forest. So we can see animals. So normally you have to pay. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: For every forest you have to pay. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: Everything. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: To go hiking. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: And it was a lot of money per person Because we were there and we said we were local and we stayed to her B&B. We managed to get it for free. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: And we went for a hike with her. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: We went to a hike for her. We saw a lot of animals, we took a lot of pictures and we went around with and we didn't pay anything. So you get this stuff along the way when you have, you give yourself time. 

Cecilie Conrad: Exactly. 

Jesper Conrad: And it returns back to your story from Thailand, asking for help and getting help, and it reminds me of this fear you can have of traveling and how are people? And then sometimes I remind myself, hey, i'm a nice human being, i don't bite people if they come to me. Why should other people not be nice? It's kind of a weird fear we just built in in us somehow. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: So so Yeah, A lot of people think it's so scary There's this and that you know they'll ask us, like what was the scariest thing that happened to you? Aren't you scared to go there? And then I think of how many people get shot every day in the US. I'm like how is it safer there? Kids can't even go to school and feel safe. And I'm around the world and I don't feel scared of what's going on, what is around me. I'm, i'm careful to. If they tell me don't go in that area because it's, they told us there is a place here. Everybody told us not to go there. It's not the safest place Local people. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: So we don't need to go there, we don't need to go in every single place. Or another person told us oh, they broke into our car and son of a. Well, we're leaving a rental car and we're just going to stay in in the capital a few days without a car. So I don't have to worry about the car. Yeah, that's not even mine. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: So I we listen to the locals that tell us you know, give us recommendation, not to the fears of other tourists, because But at the same time we learn, because in the beginning we say, okay, let's go ask in social media what we should do in that place, and that they and we learned that we, we shouldn't listen. We just go what we want we feel it because most of the time we got, we got a recommendation and we'll just learn that these people, these people, they went in just in that place and that's it. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: So they really couldn't give you a good opinion about the country. 

Cecilie Conrad: Yeah, I think, on the subject of fear, it's been a big theme for us in the respect that we really don't play with fear. I think very often even locals Are fearful. We get this recommendation oh, you have to lock everything up and please put your car in a locked parking and make sure this the guard and make sure you bring your things all the time. And and sometimes if we arrive really late after traveling really far maybe we didn't really eat anything we get distracted in a way from our inner peace and we listen to it and we do these things out of fear, like paying for parking or, and then we realize, wait a minute, wait a minute, the world is not dangerous And okay, if someone breaks into my car, it's not the end of the world. I live in a car. If I can't park it anywhere without being fearful, then you know, game over, i might as well not live in a car. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: So I think fear is something we really have to be careful of, maybe even fear, and we also have to be careful that it's not that we don't get influenced too much by others people's fears, because most of the time, same for us, if you know, we don't know and we're like a little bit tired. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: We might get influenced by what other people say, and then we're like oh, if you see where we slept in some places we went to have a company and people say are you crazy? Did you sleep there? They say why did you lock everything? We didn't feel scared, we were fine. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: And when we don't, we just leave. We went in this big parking lot and the cars it was like we were really far out and we couldn't understand why people kept on parking around us. So he's like I don't think we should stay here And we just left and slept in the parking lot of the mall And we were fine. We just listened to ourselves, not to what people told us. And I had read that yeah, because I read that it was safe there, but I'm like we didn't feel safe. 

Cecilie Conrad: I thought, if you feel it's not, then you leave. 

Jesper Conrad: Because you're not going to sleep. 

Cecilie Conrad: You're going to be right away. You're not, as well, Just go somewhere else. And there's always the mall. I mean IKEA. it's not always trust IKEA to have a vacant parking lot, or the Catlin or Lidl. 

Jesper Conrad: Yeah. 

Cecilie Conrad: It's not venture, but it's an option, it's okay, it's a necessary option sometimes. 

Jesper Conrad: And I think that's a great option. I think we should be very respectful of that. Yeah, i think we should be very respectful of that And we should respect the time of how long we try to make these podcasts last We should kind of wrap up. For my sake. It was really wonderful connecting with you again And we will meet you up in Florence. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: See you in Florence, Yeah, But I also, if you could if people wanted to hear more about you and tag along on your travels and stuff, what should they do? And we have a blog and that's it Right. Yes, so it's the five world explorers, which is the five as a number world explorers, and we post daily reels, photos, stories We share. We the idea is not to show off but to actually share and give ideas to people. We have people that write to us asking us of our itinerary because they're going in the same place a few months after. So we always love when people or give us tips. Sometimes they tell us you should try this place And so it's more like a connecting in that sense. We don't want to be like the Instagram beautiful post. You know I'm taking a photo here because it's a full. 

Cecilie Conrad: But we want the honest version Yeah. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: Yeah, the idea is to inspire people to actually go and see places and because it's such a beautiful world, just do something different. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: Yeah, and with our YouTube we try to share what we do, so we give ideas, but also we try to do interviews with people that do, that are passionate about what they do, because we are trying to find, show our kids that if you do something that really inspires you, you can be successful and also be happy with the job you do, and so we have a section that's all dedicated to interviews with you know, the guy that cooks steak, or the one that makes ice cream, or the artist, or But they do something that they're passionate about it, and they're very successful, and this is our world. 

Massimiliano - The 5 World Explorers: And most of them that didn't go to school. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: Or if they did, they're doing something completely different now. Learn it in school at least, yeah. Very proud of these videos because it's just something that we really care of sharing with the world to show that. 

Jesper Conrad: And it shows people that it's possible to live a life without the normal nine to five. That's fantastic. We should end up. So I would just recommend everybody to go and find the five world explorers with a number in it and follow them. Tag along and see some of the videos. 

Sarah - The 5 World Explorers: Thank you. 

Jesper Conrad: Thank you guys. 


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