#26 - Janet Attwood | Tapping into the Divine Universe for Passionate Living

Janet Attwood (1)

🗓️ Recorded July 21th, 2023. 📍Wilderness Woods, UK

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About this Episode

Are you ready to take the leap toward your true passion and find fulfillment? 

If the answer is yes, this episode is for you. We are thrilled to have Janet Attwood, a guiding light in our quest for freedom and fulfillment, join us. 

Janet is a bestselling author, renowned speaker, and transformational leader, she has left an indelible mark in the realms of personal development and spirituality. Co-author of the New York Times bestseller, "The Passion Test: The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose," she has inspired and empowered countless individuals to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and purposeful living.

In this podcast we share our personal experiences with The Passion Test and how it steered us away from routine life to follow our true passion: traveling the globe with our family. We discuss the significance of setting markers for our passions and the astonishing ripple effects of our actions. We stress the importance of being in tune with your inner self, creating a positive ambiance, and relishing a life driven by passion.

Finally, we about self-love and acceptance, and how finding pleasure in your deeds can unfold a universe of possibilities. 

Join us for an enlightening conversation that could inspire you to discover and chase your own passions. 

So, are you ready to leap into a life that truly aligns with your passion? 

Listen in and start your journey today.

🗓️ Recorded July 21th, 2023. 📍Wilderness Woods, United Kingdom


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With love


Jesper Conrad 


0:00:00 - Jesper Conrad
Welcome to Self-Directed. We are your hosts, cecilia and Jesper Conrad, and now it's time to welcome this week's guest. Okay, so I might get emotional, because today we are together with Janet Attwood and you, janet, have a very big place in my heart, because I do not think I would have had the opportunity to, I do not think I would have had the guts to live the way we live today, where we live a very free life, if I haven't met you and if I haven't went through yours, the passing test, and worked together with you for all those years. So I'm very, very grateful to sit here with you and Hi, baby, yes, oh, you're such a.

0:00:55 - Janet Attwood
You're tangy.

0:00:58 - Jesper Conrad
And I would love for us here to talk, to be able to see if we can give people out an idea of how they also can choose their passions and live the life they really want. So welcome, Janet.

0:01:14 - Janet Attwood
Thank you, jesper. I'm so happy to be with you and Cecilia because I just love you both, cecilia. I just love you both so much. And so this is like Hi, everybody who's listening You're actually kind of like listening in on a private conversation. People that are bonded together probably for life, because we're so hooked in on every level.

0:01:38 - Cecilie Conrad
Yeah, yeah, I agree, it's a great Friendship yeah.

0:01:44 - Jesper Conrad
But people who don't know you. Janet, maybe we should mention the passing test and a little about your story, so you can be so kind to share that with us.

0:01:55 - Janet Attwood
You mean I have to tell my own bio?

0:01:57 - Jesper Conrad
No, no no.

0:01:59 - Cecilie Conrad
No, it's just because you're a crybaby. Yeah, can we tell your bio without so? Janet wrote the passing test with Chris, who has already been on the podcast.

0:02:13 - Janet Attwood
My ex-husband, my best friend, my business consultant, and now I'm in Germany hanging out with him and his wife and my three-guide children, Coach Oteana and Sophie. It's such a great family.

0:02:29 - Cecilie Conrad
Yeah, and the passion test. I love the origin story of it and I love what it's doing to people, so I always recommend everyone who are a little in doubt in life to go check it out and see what it can do for them. You can Now you can actually take a version of the passion test online for free. Man, yeah, yeah, that cool.

0:02:57 - Jesper Conrad

0:02:57 - Cecilie Conrad
It's so cool and it will get you clear, or clearer on who you are and what you want, which is the center. How can you move anywhere if you don't know where to go? You need, I said, go. It's funny how, thiswhen I talk to people, this stops people all the time. They actually don't know what they want. So what you invented is the starting point for basically everything, isn't it?

0:03:29 - Janet Attwood
Well, it's not number one. Number one for anyone listening. The passion test is one exercise after the other, after the other, after the other that gets you so crystal clear that when you close your eyes, you can actually see the world you choose to create. And when you can really see the world you choose to create. That's what the law of attraction is all about, that it's an inside-out job, and so when you have it so clear inside what it is that matters most to you, that you love, that you care about, then you're aligned with God, nature, higher power, the universe, the unified field, whatever name you want to put to that energy that's greater than yourself, and that's what the passion test does. It's just through just different practices, processes, tools that we share with you when you take the passion test. So, and then the second point is I always like to say, ciel, that it was not me that created the passion test. I am not the inventor of anything. That I was just hanging out somewhere on Earth, and nature, god, higher power, happened to notice and said we got to give her something and just plop, and it's really. I don't like to say that I've done anything because I haven't, but the thing that I think is really important is that when you're open, when you're really open and you're putting the call out to the universe. So this is, if you want to live a passionate life, one of the secrets is to claim it, name it and claim it, say your intention.

And I remember, before the passion test sitting in, I was in a job I hated. I sucked at it, it was horrible, I was failing, I was losing money. I was recruiting disk drive engineers in Silicon Valley and everyone else was making millions of dollars and I was just zero minus money. And one day I was so depressed at work I walked outside, got in my little red car and I looked around. I had this little red Toyota that can hardly get to work in back. I had this little cracked dashboard you know leather dashboard and I just got in my little red car and I put my head on my dashboard.

I just closed my eyes and I looked up. When I opened my eyes, I looked up the window and I saw that it was a beautiful day. It was just like beautiful. The sun was out, the sky was blue, the trees were just shimmering you know, with the sun on them, how they do and a little bit of breeze. It was just gorgeous. And I realized, and I started crying, I just like what the hell? I haven't even noticed how beautiful everything is lately because I'd been so obsessed about being such a loser because I was doing this job that I hated and couldn't connect with, and I felt terrible because all my friends that were working with me were my friends and they thought I would burn it up. So I wasn't only failing me, I was failing them, I'm failing me, I'm just like God, what's wrong? And so I, you know, as I looked out the window, I just said, I just said this like inner prayer, god, you know, my mom used to say, janie, you're here for greatness.

And so I just said, god, what, what? I know I'm here, what do you want me to do? And I really think that's the very first little key that opens the door. You know I really choose to serve humanity. Show me the way. You know, let me give vessel through which you speak. Please draw to me the people, the places, the things that I need in order to get clear. You know, if you're not clear on what you're passionate about, then set the intention and start asking yourself. And God, you know, we're a co-creator. Show me the people, places or things that I need in order to get clear, right and and yes. So then there's the story that happened.

After that, it all started unfold, but it was that moment that was a very, very, very important, defining moment of really just asking, because we're so powerful, and what I'd realized is that I was putting my attention on what I didn't want to create. God, I'm in this job, I'm failing, I'm terrible, I'm awful, I'm, you know, I suck. Instead of well, what? What is it that I choose to create? What's important to me? What do I care about? What do I love? What would get me out of bed in the morning? And I wasn't I, you know, I was creating the opposite. And we have to remember all of us and when I say all of us, I mean all of us are here on this planet. No, there's not one person the same. We all have a gift, we all have something really important to contribute. And so what is our job? It's not even personal.

I always like to say living a passionate life isn't even, isn't even about you. It's not personal. Look at the world. Look at the world right now, the world situation. Why is? Why is the world shaking? You know why. Why are there so many crimes? Why? Why is nature so imbalanced? This because there's so many people that are out of balance. So what we have getting imbalanced is to get clear on what it is that matters most to you and think about it. You know we're all part and parcel of what science calls the unified field. So, in order for the unified field, it's like we're part of this puzzle. So when I say living your passion is not personal, we have a piece in this puzzle. And if we're not in sync with what it is that we're here to do on this planet, if we're not listening to our marching orders because that's really what it is, it's our marching orders then we're out of sync and then we're not contributing, and then it's this ripple effect that affects not only you. But think about it. You know, maybe someone listening, you know. You know what I'm talking about.

You're in a bad mood. You hate your job. You go to work. You know people say something. You grump at them. You wake up in the morning, your kids come in and shut up. God, don't talk to me right now. I've got to sleep. I have only an hour and I've got to let it work, you know. And so the ripple effect.

And so, and what is the world? It's just a product of individuals. So what's so important for the world to be in harmony is for us as individuals. Our greatest task is to be in harmony with ourselves, with our calling, with what God wants for us. Nature, higher power yeah, so that's the passion test. The passion test will do that number one tool being used around the world right now. And it's because it's a system and what's cool about a system? And yes, for you love systems and that's why you love the passion test. Save yourself time, energy and money. And you know, yes, you're one of my favorite students on the planet. You are because you know why, because you got it. You were like, oh, yeah, yeah, here's the thing all of you.

Yesper was working for me as my marketing director and actually didn't really want to be doing what he was doing, but he made a money based decision. What happens to me all the time? I lose people constantly the word for me, because I'm constantly talking about the importance of living your passion, most everybody, their passion is not me. What happened to Jesper? It's the most cool thing he realized, god, you know what I want to do. I want to get a bus. I want a red bus. I want to put my whole family in it. It's three of the most enlightened kids on the planet. You've got a wife that's to die for I want to get everybody in it. I want us to just live. I want us to live and eat life up and go to beautiful places and meet great people and be conscious and be aware and share that as we go.

Jesper, you're my hero man. You heard the calling and it wasn't my calling. You got the system. You heard the system. The system save yourself time, energy and money. That's what the passion test does. You got it. The light went on and the next thing I know he quits. He didn't quit all of once. He first got the bus, made sure he had enough money for the bus. Little rat Right, I was just scared. It was like the next thing. I know I'm getting pictures from all over the world. Can I get mad at the guy? No, why? Because that's what I care about too. I want everybody to figure it out. Jesper, I bet it was scary. I bet it was scary. I'm going to quit my jobs. You've had really high paying jobs. You're really capable, you're unbelievably capable. It was scary, wasn't it?

0:13:06 - Jesper Conrad
It was so, so scary. Recently we were at a garden party. A guy said to me he said what do you do? Takes courage? My first answer was no, it really doesn't. Then I think back about the time before we did it, before we took the step that took so much courage. How do you have taken the step? It's just now. You need to get it to work. The most scary part was to cut the ties to our old lives.

0:13:38 - Janet Attwood
I think yeah, to let go, because what if I let go of something that's really, oh, could have served me? But you found out that that didn't have anything to do with. You know, in the passion test, the first line, when my life is ideal, when you can just figure it out, what is it that you care about? What is it that would be a blast, because, see, you know that quote in the passion test, what you love and God's will for you is one and the same God, nature, higher power. When you align with that, what happens is, see, what we forget is that it's not about us, it's not about us listening. And what you were doing, you were listening, and how it shows up, as is oh, wouldn't this be fun, wouldn't this be blissful? Wouldn't this be adventurous? Wouldn't this be great, wouldn't this be it, if I can do that. But that's nature, god higher power, speaking to you, and all you have to do is go, yeah, and then just start.

0:14:45 - Cecilie Conrad
Little plan, a little step, yeah it takes courage, I think, especially in the beginning. I think it's irrelevant to talk about fear, because that's what happens. It's not easy to take the passion test. You're not just doing it while you know, pop asleep. It's confronting, to make choices and to decide. I want this, not that, and I'm going to risk all of this to go this way and I'm going to do it whether it seems logical, rational and safe or not. I'll do it anyway. I think that fear I know we have to stay in the focus of the things that we want and need and love but I think a lot of listeners, a lot of people I talk to, it's the first more they hit. It's the fear they just can't.

0:15:41 - Janet Attwood
Yeah, it's called limiting beliefs. That's why, when you get coached by someone who's a facilitator in the passion test, it's a one-on-one, and you get two sessions, not just one you don't go. Okay, we're going to take you through the passion test so you can get clear on your top 10 passions and then you can get clear on your top five so that you can put your attention on those things. No, it's not just that, it's the second session, which I think is like man. If you don't have a second session, most people won't do what the first session came up with. Because limiting beliefs, I'm not smart enough, I'm not capable enough, I don't have enough money, I'm not good enough, I'm not all the Are like are like driving on the highway of life, going down 100 miles an hour and then slamming into a brick wall. Those limiting beliefs stop you from living your passion test only a hundred percent of the time. So the second session is undoing those limiting beliefs, because you can undo those limiting beliefs, and that is fear. That's fear false evidence appearing real false, that's the acronym for fear, false evidence appearing real. And when you undo your limiting beliefs, then what you realize is oh my God, it was only this thought in my mind. And also the other thing, too.

I think that's important is you just don't go. Okay, now I know what I'm going to do. Oh, wait a minute, I don't want to be in this high paying job. I just want to stop everything and I'm going to jump off the mountain and hope it works. No, you take baby steps and you use your brain. You know you get a plan. That's where goals come in. But you don't do goals until after you figure out what your passions are. You know, after you figure out what your markers are, what will my life look like when my life is ideal? Those are what's called markers that you do in the passion test, and once you start to know what your passions are and what your markers are, then you can start to set realistic goals that will align with your passions.

0:17:51 - Jesper Conrad
I would love to talk a little more about markers, as you called them, because when I first met them, what it did for me was it changed the way I had of looking at my dreams, because my dreams early on was maybe you know these fluffy, I want to just travel the world, I want to have more money, I want more freedom. But then you came and asked with the markers, but how would that look like?

0:18:23 - Cecilie Conrad
How much more money? Yeah, how much A number, all this fluffing.

0:18:28 - Jesper Conrad
Where would you travel? What would you?

0:18:30 - Cecilie Conrad
go and how.

0:18:31 - Jesper Conrad
And I remember one of the ones I wrote down was so how would I know I could live my passion and one of them was to be a marker was very clear. We have some friends in Malaga. It would be like if I could just visit them, if I wanted not caring about. Do I need to go to work?

0:18:51 - Janet Attwood
Well, yes, let's get clear for people, even clear. So what's one of your passions?

0:18:58 - Jesper Conrad
One of my passions is spending time together with my family.

0:19:02 - Janet Attwood
All right. So, okay, stay there. So, yes, we're passion is to spend well, and it's not just spending time with your family, it's probably spending quality, loving fun time with your family, right, knowing you go. So this is a passion spending quality, loving fun time. So what we're talking about when we say markers? Markers say that you're passion and so, yes, we're passion spending quality, loving fun time with my family. Markers say, yes, you are, you're doing that at a 10, 100%, no room for improvement. So let's figure out your markers right now, right here, right now. So if your passion was spending quality, loving fun time with my family, what would have to happen and all of you listening think about it, because you want to make markers for your passions too what would have to happen for that passion to be 100% realized? What's one thing that has to happen? Like it's done. Okay, that passion is done. Now what happens when that passion is done? What happens when that passion is done? What's something that would happen?

0:20:17 - Jesper Conrad
Oh yeah.

0:20:20 - Janet Attwood
Well, how about? I'll tell you Okay.

0:20:24 - Jesper Conrad
I can rip this off.

0:20:26 - Janet Attwood
Let's let the Okay Number one. You said spending quality, loving fun time. All right, our family is always laughing together. One thing. Number two that's one marker Our family is always laughing together. Now I ask all of you, does it make sense If Jesper is spending quality, loving fun time with his family, that one thing that would happen is they're laughing together, they're always laughing together, playing together. That would be a marker. Okay, boo One. Number two, let's see. He wrote down spending quality, loving fun time with my family. Oh, my children come to me and say I love you, dad and mom, right, is that? Do you think that would happen? Does that make sense? If your passion is I'm spending quality, loving fun time with my family, does it make sense that your kids would share with you how much they love and appreciate you, and vice versa, on a regular basis? Absolutely Marker. So that's another marker.

A marker says that your passions are 100% fulfilled. Now, why is it important to have markers? What the heck is that? Well, remember I said right in the very beginning of talking that the passion test is one exercise after the other after the other, that when you close your eyes, you can actually see the world you choose to create. So when you know what your passion is, but not just your passion when you also then have a number of markers, that then that puzzle gets filled in automatically. You can clearly see what that passion looks like from within. And I said that in the beginning too, that your passions are an inside out job. As a matter of fact, the Vedas, some of the most ancient literature known to man, says it so much better than I could. Curving back on myself, I create again and again. Curving back on myself, back on myself myself when I close my eyes, that's how I'm curving in back on myself. I create again and again. I create from within. So when I get so clear on what those passions are, what those markers are, then I filled in the puzzle. What happens then is that I start to manifest the people, the places or things to be able to support me in living a passionate life.

And in the passion test we say it's not the how, it's the what, the how, what I mean by the how. That's so yes for his what, yes for his passion, that's his what. Spending quality, loving, fun time with my family, that's his what. That's what gets him out of bed in the morning, that's one of his passions the how. That's not, yes, for his job. So you don't have to figure that out. Nobody has to figure out. How the hell is that going to happen? You know, no, that's God's job.

Nature, higher power. That's a good news. You get to let go of that one, and all you have to do all of you in order to live a passionate life, is to just focus on the what. What do I care about? What do I really love? Because, remember again, what you love and God's will for you is one and the same. And so what you're doing is you're aligning with higher power.

And when you've aligned, that's when your life becomes a life that's so on fire, so magical. You know, there's this beautiful quote from my master Marishi life is here to enjoy, life is not here to annoy. And so when you listen to what it is that you care about, when you listen to God, nature, higher power, the marching orders for you, when you really listen, you'll find that they're one and the same. And what you'll also find is it brings you great joy. And that joy, that joy, that bliss, that fulfilling feeling when you think about it, that happiness that radiates from within, that's the true path, that's the effortless path, that's the do less, accomplish more path.

Now, when we talked about it's scary, to live a passionate life, you have to have courage. Yeah, but think about it. It's scarier if you don't, because it's like if aligning with your passion is a do less, accomplish more path. What's not aligning with your passion? What's going to work every day doing a job? That's just a money based decision, but you really hate what you're doing and you suck at it, because usually you're not that great at what you hate. Or if you are, but you hate it.

Maybe it was a passionate one time, even A lot of you listening. Probably you've done a, you know, you've been doing a lot of things that you've loved and all of a sudden, god. How come this isn't fun anymore. It's not fun anymore. Once you like, become a master at something, it's time to renew yourself. It's time to get that white board and start again. That's why you all of a sudden, god. Why is this boring to me? Why do all of a sudden I hate what I loved? It's because it's because there's not just one calling, there's many callings, and that's why we tell people take the passion test every three to six months to get realigned with what it is that the universe is asking you to line up for, to do, to serve, to be of just a blissful, loving being on the planet to others. That's your job, and how can you be kind to others if you can't be kind to you? I just love this.

I mean, it makes so much sense to me and you know when I always think about this thought of going on a path and you're in the mountains, and you're on a path and you see a bear, it's like, oh my God, a bear, a bear, and it's really super scary. Well, you have two choices you can either stand there and you can be bigger than the bear, and that's what undoing your limiting beliefs is all about. Or you can run, and that's what staying in a life of what you might call comfort and security. But you know, in this time there's no security. As a matter of fact, what was it that?

The One of the Indians I think it was the Hopi Indians. What did they say? Stop trying to be comfortable. Stop trying to be comfortable. You know, we stay in our little comfort zone, we stay in our little box. But that's not.

That's what it's called in Vedic terms, a pragyaparad. It's a mistake of the intellect, a mistake of the I'm going to stay where I'm comfortable, even though my castle's over there. My passion, actually, that's my passion. I'm not really living my passion, but I didn't die here. I didn't die here, and I know this. I know this little hut, so stay in my hut.

And so what's going on with that type of thinking and the hut is the box, staying in your box, is that that's what, in Vedic terms, is called the pragyaparad the mistake of the intellect. The mistake of the intellect is oh well, I'm here, I didn't die, I'm going to stay here. But really, what you are doing is you're dying slowly, and that's what is not being seen Right, and you're not going for the castle. So the passion is about aligning you and sharing with you how to effortlessly and elegantly go for the castle, because that is really your birthright. You are here to be of service to humanity, doing the things you love. And so, yeah, I'm just thankful to both of you for being a stellar, and I mean stellar, I was just with that. Why was we all together in Germany, together?

I mean the most freaking fun I've had. I mean, it was so much I was riding along in their bus we should take. You have some pictures, I think, of us in the bus. We should have taken more pictures of Janet in the bus with yes, we're.

0:29:03 - Cecilie Conrad
Living it. I think I have a few, though I do. Yeah, we could put them in the show.

0:29:08 - Janet Attwood
Yeah, you guys, I mean you're a living example of what a person or people do and feel when they're really truly following what matters most to them. And so are your kids, and this is what's so important. I mean, think about it. What you're doing by choosing in favor of your passion is you're teaching your children how to also, and their kids. Let me tell you about their kids. Their kids are like three little Einstein's. I mean it's like, I must tell you, it's humbling being around them, because they're they know how to choose, they know what they want, they know what they don't want, they're helpful, they're loving, they're kind, they're considerate, I mean, and they're an example of both of you following your passions. And this is the outcome as they learn from watching you and you see the kids all over the world where the parents are, and what are the kids? What are the kids representing?

0:30:16 - Cecilie Conrad
Yeah, and our kids have that other kids don't have as their personal freedom, they get to do it. That's how I'm telling you.

0:30:23 - Janet Attwood
It's profound. I mean, it's just that ripple effect that I was talking about earlier, that it's really living a passionate life. It's not about you quit thinking.

Oh my God, I don't know if I'm enough, or good enough or you're enough, you're enough, you're enough, and it's not about you. And when you get off thinking it's about you, then you realize that if you're kind and you're loving and you're happy and you're passionate, that's your job, that's your job, that anybody who's not they're off, the normal man, the normal man. See, we've gotten so far off that we think that depression is normal. I got a headache, yeah, I know.

0:31:07 - Cecilie Conrad
That's just the baseline, right, and nothing that'll exactly instead of but you're so right, you're so right, I think. Wow. We talked to Erica Davis-Pittler she's like a superstar of the unschooling community and she said every day you have so many little and big options for being kind, choosing kindness, and that's the ripple effect. Again, you're in so many, so this can be aligning with the universe and live your passion. It's big words, but then you have to get up and make some coffee and someone spilled something and didn't clean it up and maybe the cat gets in the way.

All of the practical little things that life actually consists of. I think a very nice place to start. Before you sit down and do your passion test and your meditation and your inner work, maybe just be, think conscious of the ripple effects. Yeah, just be you and kind and let go of all the negativity and just clean up whatever mess. Probably that person had a reason to leave it there and put the cat and make your coffee chill a little bit and do it in kind ways, because that will change the whole atmosphere around you.

0:32:22 - Janet Attwood
Yeah, but it's easier to be kind when you're clear about it.

0:32:26 - Cecilie Conrad
Obviously, but then, after the coffee, sit down with the passion test. What I'm saying is you know there are the big lines, but there is also always the option of choosing. Obviously, I should say choose in favor of your passions, because obviously yeah, but also choose in favor of the ripple effects around you. What atmosphere do you want to create? What track do you want to have behind you? I think that's very important.

0:32:56 - Janet Attwood
It's all the same thing. It's all the same thing. We're talking about actually the same thing, because, even thinking about what are the ripple effects, what you'll find is that what you want is actually your passion. How do I want? What do I want? What do I want for my family? How do I want to be? That's a passion too. One of my passions is to truly be just one of the most loving, kind individuals on the planet. Well, actually, really, my passion is to be the most aligned Janet that I can be, because I know that it's not when I'm doing it, it's who I'm being that really matters. It's all the same. That's what I was saying. It's all really the same when you get down to it and you start getting really clear what are my passions? It's all your passion. Your passion is that ripple effect, and that ripple effect is your passion. You are, and how you're not when you're not. That you can really feel it. You can really feel it, can't you?

0:34:06 - Cecilie Conrad
It hurts it does the joy you talked about before. We usually, if someone has doubt or is confused or a little off, we're five people and two dogs living inside one van together. Obviously, there is a need to.

0:34:24 - Janet Attwood
It's a two-by-dove van.

0:34:27 - Cecilie Conrad
It's a beautiful van, but it's very big. We all have to be on track all the time because we're all affected by everyone all the time. If anyone is off, we have to fix it. We usually say where's the joy? Choose where the joy is. That's the right path. If you feel the butterflies in your stomach, if you feel like smiling, if you feel like saying I want to do this, not I should do this, or I ought to do this, or maybe someone thinks I should do it, but where's the joy? What do you really want to do? Usually, these things that put people a little off track is that I should or maybe my mom thinks I should or I ought to, but I don't really want to. Then we tell them don't, just don't do it. Sit down with your book or eat the kank or whatever makes you happy. Go where the joy is. Then, very quickly, it's all good. Yeah, I'm just trying to talk a little bit.

0:35:37 - Jesper Conrad
No, no, let's lie in it.

0:35:38 - Cecilie Conrad
In the conversation.

0:35:39 - Jesper Conrad
Yeah, nid, I was thinking. One of the things you have worked with, or I've heard you mention earlier, is called bird-right. You talk about when you came to be as a baby. You were celebrated for just being that picture. I have talked with a lot of other people who, when they are in some sort of canvassal in their life, when they don't feel they are good enough or something I say to them but imagine just being a human being, just being here on this planet, that's a very big gift. You are okay by just being. If you are just, you are okay. It depends on what you are doing.

0:36:27 - Cecilie Conrad
Have you taken that in for real yourself?

0:36:31 - Jesper Conrad
Come on those two women in the same room. You're brutal on film.

0:36:35 - Janet Attwood
You're so brutal. Oh my God, I love that. Authenticity, transparency, vulnerability, let's just put it there, put it out there. I know what you're talking about, though. It's absolutely true. It's all about, I mean, you know, I teach self-love. What is self-love? Self-love is just acceptance. It's not being anything, it's just accepting who you are in this moment, no matter what. No matter what.

I have a great example of self-love my brother, John. John, who is two years older than me, came to me one day and he said he called me up, and this was just a few years ago. Now I've been teaching the passionates for over 25, right, he calls me up and he goes. I figured it out and I said what? And he said I'm not passionate about anything and I loved it because, why? It was okay with him, it was acceptance, it was self-acceptance, it was so beautiful.

I'm not passionate about anything. You know what? If what I hear you saying yes for is, you know, start at the baseline, which is how I'm being right in this moment is exactly how I'm supposed to be, what I have right now, in this moment, is exactly what I'm supposed to have, how do I know? That's who I'm being and that's what I have. End of story. Anything other than that is a limiting belief. Anything other than that is going to bring pain, separation and suffering. Thank you, byron Katie. Anything so, that was beautiful. I loved my brother saying that I will never forget that beautiful moment, and he has a ton of passions now.

So beautiful that it that it that allowed him to be accepting of Whatever wanted to come next right. Obviously, he had things that were brewing, but he created a beautiful whiteboard by just letting it be okay that it didn't matter that he had some big, gigantic passion. You know what? Now he's writing, and it took him forever. I always say to him John God, I'm the New York Times selling author, but you're a better writer, right, right, right.

I've been telling him that for probably 25 years, with him allowing himself you know, I need to go. You know what? This is just not what I want to do. I always said, god, what a waste. He's such a great writer, but that's the other thing. We never know where someone's passions are going to lead them, and our job is to stay in our business, not theirs. So I got out of his business and now he's writing. He's writing every single day. What did he do? He gave himself permission to number one. Let it be okay that whatever he was was enough. Then, from there, so much senses happened. I mean, his life is super rich, he's just got incredible things happening all the time, and now he is writing. You know, which is everything in its perfect timing.

0:40:04 - Cecilie Conrad
Yeah, the times we're losing. We say that as well, and actually about time we're in a context right now where there's some dancing thing going on in 10 minutes with all the kids at this community.

0:40:19 - Janet Attwood
Where are the kids? Where are they? Are they being quiet?

0:40:23 - Cecilie Conrad
Our children are probably still reading their books and having their breakfast, but we're in a community in the south of England and they are going to do some movement dancing class with a lot of local kids starting in five minutes and they will be loud, get yourself there.

0:40:43 - Janet Attwood
You know, I know it'll be yeah, but we can't keep on with the recording because the noise will be too loud.

0:40:49 - Cecilie Conrad
So that's okay. I think he talked to you?

0:40:53 - Janet Attwood
No, we can never talk. I dominated too. I get you know. I tell you it's so hard for me. When you start talking to me about passion, it's something like. It's like almost my gas tank fills up and it's you know. I get it put into the behind the scenes.

0:41:11 - Jesper Conrad
And then the engines. We love it.

0:41:13 - Cecilie Conrad
That's why we're on the call. We're not going to talk about ourselves, but to hear your insightful ways of just putting things, everything so clearly. Then it's there.

0:41:22 - Jesper Conrad

0:41:23 - Cecilie Conrad
Okay, but in two minutes there will be music, so we have to say thank you very much.

0:41:28 - Janet Attwood
No, I want to wait until there's music. I want to hear it, yeah.

0:41:32 - Cecilie Conrad
They've been put on the recording.

0:41:35 - Jesper Conrad
So, Janet, thanks a lot for your time and we will hope to take another longer talk next time. I would love that.

0:41:43 - Janet Attwood
I love you guys. I love you, love you. Thanks. Everybody Love to you, bye.

0:41:49 - Jesper Conrad
Thank you for listening. We hope you enjoyed today's episode and if you liked it, then please share it with all your friends and family. We would also love it if you gave our podcast a review. Thanks, and if you want to support our podcast and work, then you can find us on patreoncom slash the Conrad family. We will continue to travel full time and if you want to tag along, then please follow us on Facebook and Instagram at the Conrad family, and you can also read more than 100 blog posts on our website. The Conrad family. Until next time, make a wonderful day, thank you.


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