Self Directed # 5 | Black Dad

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Recorded October 6th, 2022.

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Here you can read more about Jae Williams aka Black Dad

About this episode  

There are not many unschooling dads out there; most often, it is the woman who stays home as the "homeschooling parent". In our family, Jesper went to the office for the first 5-6 years of our unschooling journey, and it was first when we started our full-time traveling adventure that Jesper became a full-time dad — and even more so during the last year when he scaled down and stopped working full-time. 

Jesper saw some videos from "Black Dads Journey" and knew he wanted to ask Jae to become a guest on our show. So here they are - two dads talking together about how it is to be a stay a home dad in this wonderful world of unschooling. 

“All happy adults are unschooling. That’s what they do, they’re following their interests, they’re following their passions. Why don’t we allow that for our children to experience that same kind of happiness?”

– Jae Williams aka Black Dad

About Jae  

After years of teaching in the classroom, Jae Williams, also known as Black Dad, realized the flaws of how we school. Despite his passion for teaching, Jae resigned from his position in June 2021. He felt unable to improve the flawed American education system from within and decided to take the bold step of homeschooling his two children using unschooling methods. Now he is chronicling his journey on YouTube and Instagram. In his videos, he shares his thoughts on unschooling. He discusses some of the difficult parenting topics, like being a stay-at-home dad, deschooling, setting boundaries in relationships, and building strong relationships with his children.  Black Dads hope that sharing details of his own unschooling life will help others in their journey.

With love


Jesper Conrad 

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