E10 - Redefining Rich with Shannon Hayes: Living Sustainably and Unschooling for a Fulfilling Life


🗓️ Recorded January 26th, 2023. 📍Casa Nina, Sampieri, Sicily, Italy.

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About this Episode  

Shannon Hayes advocates for "radical homemaking," a term she coined to describe a lifestyle that prioritizes home and community-centered work as a means of sustainable living.

Shannon grew up on a farm in upstate New York, where she learned to appreciate the value of hard work, self-sufficiency, and the importance of living in harmony with the environment. After studying at Cornell University and obtaining a PhD in sustainable agriculture and community development, Shannon returned to her roots and started Sap Bush Hollow Farm with her family. Shannon has become a leading voice in sustainable agriculture and homesteading communities through her work at the farm.

Shannon is also an accomplished writer, having authored several books, most importantly "Radical Homemakers: Reclaiming Domesticity from a Consumer Culture" and "Redefining Rich: Achieving True Wealth with Small Business, Side Hustles, & Smart Living."  Her writing is focused on the intersection of sustainable agriculture, community development, and social justice.

Overall, Shannon Hayes is a powerful voice for those seeking to live a more sustainable and intentional lifestyle. Her work at Sap Bush Hollow Farm and her writing have inspired countless individuals to take action toward building more resilient communities and living in harmony with the environment.

Clips from this episode  

Writing is my tool for learning and sharing knowledge with others

"Writing is my tool for learning and sharing knowledge with others." - Shannon Hayes, the radical homemaker. As Shannon puts it, writing is a cycle of curiosity. By challenging herself to explain complex ideas through the written language, she deepens her understanding of the topic at hand. And by sharing her writing with others, she hopes to inspire and educate those who are on a similar journey toward a simpler, more sustainable way of life.

Are you tired of working yourself to death to achieve society's definition of success? Do you long for a life that allows you to prioritize your family, passions, and well-being?

"When you go into farming or become an entrepreneur, you are told that the honorable way is one of hard work. And as I came into my own and was the one writing the checks, I realized that now the pressure on me was to work myself to death. I didn't want to do that - but not only did I not want to do that, but first, I had to come to terms with and acknowledge that shame was tied to my unwillingness to work myself to death. I had to get over the shame.”

Instead of succumbing to “normal” and just working herself to death, Shannon chose to redefine what it means to be "rich." She wanted to devote her life to enjoying it and bringing the fullest expression of herself to make a better world. But this wasn't easy - she had to overcome the shame tied to her unwillingness to work herself to death and figure out how to make the economics work. How do you run a cafe that's only open one day a week?

This is where her journey to redefine "rich" began. Through her book, "Redefining Rich," Hayes shares her experiences and lessons learned in balancing work, family, and the pleasures of the good life.

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