Exploring Unschooling Podcast #294 - With Cecilie Conrad


Pam Laricchia is the creator of the 'Exploring Unschooling podcast" - A podcast series we highly recommend if you are curious or into unschooling. It is awesome. Pam has been unschooling since 2002 (yes her kids are now well-functioning adults) and Pam continues to share her wisdom and spread the word about Unschooling. Pam also runs the site Living Joyfully an online resource for parents wanting to live joyfully with their children through unschooling. If you're passionate about exploring the world with your children, this site is for you.

This week Pam has interviewed Cecilie - check out the podcast here.

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Pam writes the following about the interview:

"Cecilie Conrad joins me from Istanbul this week to talk about her unschooling and worldschooling life with her family. Cecilie shares about her path to unschooling, which started when her second child began attending school. We talk about how her family's love of travel has enriched their lives and how the unschooling lifestyle fits so well with their choice to explore.
Cecilie also reflects on the amazing relationships that she has been able to cultivate with her four children as a result of diving deep into their loves and interests together."

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Jesper Conrad

Journey of One Happy Family
Exploring Unschooling Podcast #295 - With Jesper Conrad


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