Exploring Unschooling Podcast #295 - With Jesper Conrad

Jesper - Pam

Jesper joins Pam Laricchias's podcast series "Exploring Unschooling".

Pam writes: "Jesper joins me this week to talk about his experience as an unschooling dad. Jesper shares his perspective of their family’s decision to unschool, which began when their now 15-year-old son tried kindergarten. We talk about Jesper’s move from an office job to working from home and some of the paradigm shifts that he’s experienced over the years as a result of questioning the mainstream path. He also reflects on the benefits of being a traveling family and what he enjoys the most about their unschooling life now.

After speaking with his wife, Cecilie, last week on the podcast, it was so interesting to hear about the family’s journey through Jesper’s lens!"

Pam Laricchia is the creator of the 'Exploring Unschooling podcast" - A podcast series we highly recommend if you are curious or into unschooling. It is awesome. Pam has been unschooling since 2002 (yes her kids are now well-functioning adults) and Pam continues to share her wisdom and spread the word about Unschooling. Pam also runs the site Living Joyfully an online resource for parents wanting to live joyfully with their children through unschooling. If you're passionate about exploring the world with your children, this site is for you.

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Jesper Conrad

Exploring Unschooling Podcast #294 - With Cecilie Conrad
What is unschooling? Meet the families who have shunned the formal education system


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