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In Istanbul, Turkey we met fellow travelers Pedro Bonatto de Castro and Iana Komarnytska. Pedro is a drummer and Iana is a world-famous belly dancer. Together they have an online Belly-dance school that generates enough income for them to keep traveling. When people ask us how people can travel and earn money I often think of them. Who would have thought that you could be a digital nomad belly dancer :)

Pedro and Iana interviewed us about our lifestyle and travels.

Here are their interview and the description they have written about it.

"In this special episode of Artist Date, we had the pleasure of chatting with Cecilie Felumb Conrad and Jesper Felumb Conrad from Worldschooling Nomads, where they share their story of traveling full time with their kids and their approach to teaching. We met Jesper and Cecilie by chance while walking in Istanbul and were fascinated by their story, so we decided to do our first ‘double date’ on our new show. I hope you enjoy it, this was an inspiring conversation on finding new ways to live a more personally meaningful life and how to be a ‘digital nomad’ when you have a big family."

May the sun shine on you


Jesper Conrad

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